Sunday, December 22, 2013

Miracle Art Exhibit in Manila

Last Nov. 22, 2013, me and my friend K were supposed to meet up with our Hong Kong based college friend C who went here in Manila for a vacation. We have decided to tour her around Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo. And to make it more fun and exciting, I've thought of inviting them to visit the Miracle Art Exhibit inside the mall since it will only be there for a temporary period. I've been wanting to see the exhibit since the time it opened last Aug. 10 but couldn't find someone to accompany me. I love taking pictures, posing in front of the camera and doing creative shots that's why I'm so excited to visit the exhibit.

Me and my Friend K arrived early at Lucky Chinatown Mall on that day. Unfortunately, the meet-up with Friend C was cancelled thus leaving only the two of us to bond. Nevertheless, we've decided to go on with our plan of checking out the Miracle Art.

I am aware that the entrance fee has been discounted until end of the year, from the original price of P300 down to P198. But when we got there, I was surprised to know that the price has adjusted to P210 already. The ticket holders saw me got dismayed with the price changes and discreetly offered if we wanted to avail of their employee complimentary tickets for only P150. Why not? And we both paid for that price.

We were lucky that time because there were not much people inside. And because we were only two, we took turns taking our solo shots. We were each other's director and photographer. We did our poses as creatively as we can and took shots as clearly as possible to make our visit worthwhile.

Miracle Art, as defined, is the multi-dimensioned illusion pictures drawn by special technique where people are expressed as if they are integrated with picture when taking photographs. The exhibit shows incredible works of art that leads you to a world of fantasy. For me, it practices one's ability to interpret the painting and strike a post to create a realistic scene when photographed. There are also museums that are similar to Miracle Art in other countries such as the Trick Art Museum in Japan and Korea. I'm glad that Miracle Art visited in Manila as I haven't had the chance to go out of the country yet.

The Miracle Art Exhibit is showcased in ten different categories namely: Aquarium World, Animal World, Jurassic World, Cinema World, Fly World, Fantasy World, Masterpiece World, Romantic World, Flower World, and lastly the Mission World. Sometimes the images requires you to take a few seconds to understand and think of how to strike the pose to make the photograph meaningful and look realistic. It's good that there were sample poses displayed in each section for us to imitate and to give an idea on what the painting is all about.

We've actually completed snapping and posing with all the 80+ paintings but I would only attach two photos from each section here so that you still have something to look forward to.

Aquarium World

Feeding the dolphins.

Sucked by the hurricane.

Animal World

Feeding the camel.

Pouring Coke to the water bowl of the polar bear.

Jurassic World

Sshhh! I'm hiding from these hungry velociraptors.

Crossing and trying to balance on the piece of log.
Cinema World

I'm not sure from what movie is this. :)

One with UP the movie.

Fly World

Feathery creature from outer space.

Spread your wings and fly away!

Fantasy World



Masterpiece World

Peeping through the telescope.

Blowing the pixels of the painting.

Romantic World

Enjoying the greenery.

Kissing the heartthrob Korean artist named Jo In-Sung from The Classic movie.

This is the actual screen shot from the Korean movie, The Classic. Great painting!
Flower World

Bading goodbye to the seven dwarves of Snow White.

Wishing by the fountain.

Mission World

Jesus' crucifixion.

Animals from the Noah's Ark.

As I browsed these pictures, some of them made me look like an idiot but it is when you strike your best pose that makes your picture comes alive and looks interesting. Thank you Friend K for your great directing skills and keen eye to photography. Looking at the photographs seemed as if they were done easily but not! You didn't know how tiring and exhausting it was to strike different poses for each paintings but we enjoyed it so much!

Have fun, express yourself and think out of the box!

Miracle Art Exhibition in Manila is located at
3/F Bldg. B, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Reina Regente St., Binondo
Contact #: 940-9152
Museum hours: 10am to 10pm

Mommy Sally


  1. Yes i agree!!! this is very tiring... but super fun!!! Thanks for the unique experience and bonding moments!^^