Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ogalala System in Play: A Wonderful World of Why Not

The first time I encountered or saw the brand Ogalala was when I was at the SM Grand Baby Fair early this year. I have no idea what's behind the name not until I attended this blogger's event. Thanks Mommy Ginger for the invite.

Last July 12, 2014 (Saturday), we attended a preview on the Ogalala Child Development Workshop at the Richwell office in Timog Avenue. Just like any other first-time moms, I'm excited to learn and take home some ideas on how to enhance my child's learning capability and to be aware of the developmental milestones as she reaches a certain age.

Here are the development milestones that we, as parents, need to watch out for, categorized by age group and presented in four developmental aspects: physical, intellectual, language, social & emotional. They didn't go through each in detail as these can all be found in their catalog. Let me share them with you here.

INFANTS (0-12 months)

Infants Development Milestones: 0-3 months, by 4 months, by 6 months

Friday, July 25, 2014

Memory Crafters: Koko-Cute Kokoru Workshop

Before I even start with this post, seeing the date of the event gave me slight chills. Why? Because I'll be turning a year older by then. Ack! How time flies!

Anyway, Memory Crafters has come up with another creative workshop. This time it entails some craftsmanship with the use of color corrugated papers called Kokoru. Oh here comes another craze in the crafting world. I admit I'm not a crafty person but I'm very much willing to learn and get into these stuff.

About Corrugated Papers  

With my curiosity to further understand the topics that I'm writing about, I did a little research. Did you know that corrugated paper has two kinds? Lined and unlined. The "karton" or the one used as balikbayan box is a lined corrugated paper where the ridges are kept in between rigid layered papers for added strength while the unlined type consists of the fluted/ridged layer only and is flexible. In this workshop, we will be using the unlined corrugated paper that comes in different colors, thus the name Kokoru.

Lined type corrugated paper

Unlined type color corrugated papers

Kokoru originated from Indonesia and is available in two kinds: Kokoru Hachi, the A4 type (21 x 29.7cm) and Kokoru Ichi, in strips format (1.3 x 50cm). It comes in many color variants just like art papers. It can be enjoyed by all ages from children to adults who love doing DIY projects. Aside from scrap booking activities, its versatility allows one to make their own stationery, note cards, and even cute decorative objects. 
Kokoru Ichi (strips) and Kokoru Hachi (A4 size)

Sample Kokoru artwork I got from the internet.

Ideas for Kokoru are limitless. Aside from making your favorite character using Kokoru, you can use it as a souvenir for a party, as a gift, or prepare your Christmas decors using corrugated papers as early as now.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Lakbayan Experience at Manila Water

I love going to field trips. It brings back the good old memories of my school days where the whole class would take a day off to visit and explore a certain place, get to have first-hand experience, and even enjoy a bus ride with your classmates. And that's exactly how I felt last July 4, 2014 (Friday) when I, together with other mommy bloggers, visited the Manila Water plant, also known as the Lakbayan.

Signing the waiver form.

We were told to assemble at Cafe Via Mare in GT-Toyota, UP Diliman by 10 a.m. and were treated with a sumptuous lunch. After signing the waiver, we boarded their 24-seater Manila Water Coaster going to the Lakbayan Center and that's where our journey began.

Manila Water Lakbayan Center

This is their Lakbayan Center. Cool, they have their own coaster.

The tour started out with a presentation to give us an overview on what Manila Water is all about and what to expect in the Lakbayan. As you can see in my photos, everything was in blue and green, even the chairs. The tree-designed wall papers on the left and right are individual leaf stickers signed and "planted" by people who have already participated in their Lakbayan tour. They call it the seed of learning.

Here's our seeds of learning. Our names signed on the leaves and attached on the wall.

So what is Manila Water?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Baby's First Hair Cut at Cuts 4 Tots

It's been a long time since I talk about my baby's development. Let me dedicate a new post about my baby's first hair cut. I never had a chance to put a clip on her yet because of her very few hair since birth. The elders have been suggesting to shave her hair bald to promote hair growth and make it look thicker. I'm not sure if this old wives' tale is true but I decided to give it a try anyway.
I kept on delaying baby's first hair cut because I'm afraid she might not cooperate or afraid that she might get hurt. Finally after getting enough courage and had more free time since I became a SAHM, I was able to bring baby to have her first hair cut last June 8 when she turned 18 months at Cuts 4 Tots Hair Salon, Robinson's Place Midtown, Manila.

Upon checking out the place, asking for the rates and getting my baby warmed up with the toys and kid-friendly atmosphere, I finally signed up. While waiting for our turn, we let baby sit on a vacant car ride which were also their kiddie salon chairs. While Baby A was enjoying her pretend driving experience, the staff took a "before" picture for her First Haircut Certificate. I availed the complete package for P525, where Kiddie Haircut costs P330 and the First Haircut Certificate costs P195. Since it's her first cut, I wanted to keep a souvenir of her lock of hair. That's my justification for spending this pricey amount which I kept it secret from my hubby.

Before the haircut. This was the longest hair she got.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Memory Crafters: Loom Band Afternoon Party

Last year the craze was washi tapes, now it's loom bands. People nowadays are really into crafting and doing DIY stuff. Some would do it as a way of expressing themselves through their unique and personalized creation while others would just collect for the sake of being in the trend and be able to start a conversation with like-minded people.

What are Loom Bands?

They are those small colorful rubber bands that are weaved together using a plastic loom board to make bracelets, necklaces and even charms. And the most common design is the fishtail. Rainbow Loom was the very first brand who started this craze. 

Who invented Rainbow Loom?

The Rainbow Loom was invented in 2011 by a DIY engineer dad named Cheong Choon Ng from US. He saw her daughters weaving elastics bands over their fingers. When he tried to join in, he found out that his fingers were too big. And so he built himself a "loom" and thus Rainbow Loom was born.

Here are my only collection of loom bands made by my two friends.

As of this time, the craze is still at its peak. I'm not familiar with the price but it's literally everywhere. The original ones are sold in the malls while the imitations are scattered left and right along sidewalks particularly in Divisoria. They are usually sold by grams with varying colors to choose from: solid, mixed or glow-in-the-dark elastic bands. Loomers would usually learn from YouTube tutorials or from their kids or nieces. But if you think that you need an expert loomer to teach you in person, then here's a workshop for you.