Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Book Haul at SM Manila Books For Less Warehouse Sale

After three months, I'm here again to hoard children's books. Last time, Books for Less Warehouse Sale was held at their warehouse in Pasig and was offering much more books and at a cheaper flat rate price of P10.00. This time, they are holding it inside SM Manila, smaller area and at a little bit higher flat rate price of P20.00 on each book regardless of size. But it doesn't matter because SM Manila is just a ride away from our place and 20 pesos is still cheap because most of the second-hand books from Books for Less are priced at P50, P89, P99 and so on. And so, book hunting mode is on!

The Books for Less Warehouse Sale in SM Manila is located at the second floor, by the National Bookstore or City Hall side entrance, beside Great Image. Let me entice you with some of the photos I took last Nov. 19, 2014 (Wednesday).

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Love the Leap: 3-Day Entrepreneurship Program

You know what, I admit until now I haven't found a business endeavor that I can call my own. Fears have been holding me back all these years. Fear of incompetence, fear of competition, fear of making mistakes.  I'm afraid to lose my hard-earned money and resources; I'm afraid to be cheated and be misled; I'm afraid of getting complaints about my products among others. And because of that, I settled myself to work 9-5 as an employee ever since I graduated. 

And now being a stay-at-home mom, I thought I would have more time to think and start my own business. The reality is that my attachment to my toddler had left me so little time to focus and work on my to-do list. To add to that, for two months now, we only have an all-around yaya that's why I have no choice but to spend most of my time with baby while yaya prepares our food and does the household chores. That's also the reason why I haven't been blogging for more than a month now because composing an entry entails so much time and must be in a relaxed mood. Today we finally have a new helper coming in. Hopefully I can start working on my own personal goals and start the new year with a bang! It's not that I'm burdened being a mom, but reality strikes. I also need to do my part of contributing to our family's finance.

I'm planning to attend the Love The Leap Program by Ms. Ginger Arboleda. It looks so promising where it says that all those who took the 3-day intensive entrepreneurship program will have a business output by the end of the 3rd day. I'm so looking forward to that! The first run will happen as early as this December 4, 11, and 18, all of which are held on a Thursday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The venue will be at vOffice Philippines, 10/F Fort Legend Tower, 31st St. corner 3rd Ave., BGC, Taguig. Here's the course outline for the 3 whole-day sessions with 1-week gap in between.

Course Outline:
  I. The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Coming up with a Business Idea
a. The Entrepreneurial Spirit!
b. Why are we doing this?
c. On Vacation and Still Earning?
*Activity on Passive income (the actual figure that I will aim for) and knowing your reasons
d. Business Ideation: Looking for that Bright Idea!

II. Planning 
– Creating a viable Business Plan
a. Industry Research
b. Competitive Research and Analysis
c. Defining your Target Market
d. Defining your Vision and Mission
*Actual Market Research Project
e. Identifying your Unique selling Proposition
f. Creating Business Projections
g. Planning the company structures and processes
– Creating an Integrated Marketing Plan
– Defining Marketing Metrics

III. Marketing Plan
Marketing 101
Principles of Marketing
Segmentation and Targeting
Branding and Brand Positioning
Developing the Marketing Plan
Creating a Social Media Strategy!
Going to Market

Exciting? Interesting? Promising? Let's sign up now, here's the link:

Early Bird Rate: P4,500 (until Nov. 8, 2014 Saturday only)
Regular Rate: P9,000 (registration ends on Nov. 30, 2014)

But wait! I can give you a discounted rate! Just enter this code: MBPTheBinondoMommy and get P1,000 off!  

Input the code when you see this text box: "How did you learn about this workshop?" MBPTheBinondoMommy

There's no stopping if you are serious in starting your own business or have that idea in mind that needs some push. Go for it and fulfill your dreams! Don't worry if you don't have a business background because you'll be guided by Ms. Ginger herself in this 3-day program. 

Don't know who is Ginger Arboleda? I invite you to go to this link: In my own words, Ginger is a down-to-earth mommy blogger who owns Manila Workshops among others and loves to partner with business-minded people.

Oh and by the way, vOffice Philippines is giving away FREE Gold Plus membership for 6 months worth P17,280 to all enrollees of this program.

Let's be classmates and together take that Big Leap! It's fun to be back in "school"! See you!

Mommy Sally