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PLDT KaAsenso's Cyberya: Start Your Own Mini-Internet Cafe Now!

Since the time I became a stay-at-home mom mid last year, I could feel the sting every time I see my friends traveling, dining out and sporting something new. I learned to embrace a low-profile life, to believe that less is more, and to use our money wisely. My very reason for leaving the corporate world is to spend more time with my family. I ventured into blogging even if I'm not a born writer, I joined Manila Workshops as an event director, and later on started my own online business, Binondo Pabili, finally after how many years of mulling over. 

As you noticed, everything is online-based now. Internet has made it easier for us mommies to look for online jobs, do online selling or shopping, chat using social media sites and at the same time be updated with the latest happening. As long as we have an internet connection, we can easily wear different hats or what we call as work at home.

Last Monday, Feb. 2, 2015, I was invited to attend a press conference to launch the upgraded services of PLDT KaAsenso. One of the services that caught my eye is Cyberya, which is an all-in-one internet café package that comes with broadband at up to 2Mbps and a complete PC set with a 24-month warranty and after-sales service. 

A Cyberya unit can be operated thru a one-peso coin, which gives users four minutes of surfing time. At such an affordable rate, it basically enables anyone to have internet access! The best thing about Cyberya, though, is that it allows any entrepreneurial Pinoy to start their own internet café business. Here’s how! 

All you need is an initial capital of P7300 and this already covers the P2,300 Installation and WiFi Modem fees for the broadband as well as the P5,000 down payment for the Cyberya unit. Monthly fees include the following:
    For the broadband: P1,300
    For the unit amortization:

  • For the first 3 months: P500 (PLDT KaAsenso gives its subscribers a leg up so that you can adjust to managing your business for the first 3 months of operations)
  • From the 4th to the 12th month: P1,632
The PC package, if paid in full, costs P18,599 (for surfing unit) or P23,799 (for gaming unit). 

In a month you could earn up to P4,800 per month!

You can even earn your investment back in just 5 months with P4,800 monthly earnings!

Best of all, the application process is easy. You just need an ID and Barangay Permit plus the necessary fees and you're good to go. It comes with free streamer and customizable headerboard where you can put your business’ name! 

For more info about Cyberya, you can visit their website HERE or read the FAQs HERE.

Aside from Cyberya, PLDT KaAsenso has other products such as
1. Plan 1888 - most affordable minigosyo package ever which comes with high-speed internet at up to 3mpbs plus the ever reliable PLDT landline, no upfront fees are required

2. Store Watch - for an additional P99 per month, minigosyantes can view live feeds using their smartphones, tablet or laptop so they can always stay on top of the business wherever they are; a security bundle that allows minigosyantes to remotely monitor their businesses such as the Cyberya

3. Wifi Zone - for an additional P299 per month, minigosyantes can offer WiFi access as an additional come-on for more customers to visit their stores with free or paid WiFi; subscribers can also create a customizable log-in page which can help further promote their business

PLDT KaAsenso, the microentrepreneurship arm of the telecommunications leader, salutes hardworking Filipino minigosyantes in their quest to give their families a brighter future by ensuring success in their businesses. They are here to empower us Filipino minigosyante by providing a more productive livelihood endeavors through their products.

PLDT KaAsenso team

According to PLDT Vice President and Head of Home Marketing Gary Dujali, PLDT KaAsenso products and services are tailor-fit to the needs of minigosyantes or microentrepreneurs who are driven by their desire to provide a better life for their families. "Filipinos are naturally very resourceful and really find creative ways to provide for their family. The role of PLDT KaAsenso is to provide them with simple, yet innovative and affordable technology solutions so they can be more efficient and productive leading to a better family quality life and making their hard work and sacrifice all worthwhile."

Mr. Gary Dujali, PLDT Vice President and Head of Home Marketing

Want to hear some testimonies? Watch these videos of some Pinoy Minigosyantes who made it successful with their Cyberya units.


So what are you waiting, get your own Cyberya units now! Make it 3 units to give you more profit and faster return on investment. You just need to look for a good location with high foot traffic, operate with longer hours to cater to more customers and make sure that there's no existing internet cafe near your vicinity. You just need a small space to operate Cyberya, with a width of 19" including the table (16" excluding), length of 25" and height of 47".

Picture with other mommy bloggers

When I got home, I immediately shared this good news to my husband. Hopefully we'll try to get a unit in due time. I love the idea, if only we have our own space. Whether you own a sari-sari store, a salon, canteen, you can add a Cyberya to your pool of businesses. This small investment is worth a try!

Photo with Ms. Maan Del Carmen.

Thank you Ms. Mabie and Ms. Maan for the invite!

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