Sunday, July 17, 2016

My First Oishi Snacktacular 2016 Experience

Oh wow it has been exactly a year since I last wrote an entry here! Been busy with my new-found love, being an online mompreneur and a tutor to my new preschooler. I took a break from my blogging stint after realizing that it is really not my thing. But just a week ago, I got an invite via Facebook from reknowned blogger, Ms. Rowena, about this Oishi event. After reading her blog post on last year's event, I got excited and decided to accept her invitation.

So here I was at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall for the Oishi Snactacular 2016 event all by myself at 12 noon. Good thing my name was on the guest list. I was given a Pass to Wow that contained the event map and a booth stamping game. Get stamped from the 7 booths at the same time earn points and get a free T-shirt when you complete the pass.

The first booth I went to was the photo booth which they called Pack & Pose. The more people in the photo, the higher your points will be. Picture taking here is free.

Next stop is the Make Your Own Snack booth. For only P20, you get to choose two kinds of chips and two flavors then shake it to come up with your own customized snack.

I chose Potato Ridges and Tortilla Chips then Wasabi and White Cheddar as my two flavors. Love it!

To partner that snack is the Slush C+ booth where you get a cup of Smart C+ slushee for only P20. You can choose from Pomelo or Kalamnsi flavor. Both were good, so refreshing! You really need this to avoid heat stroke! Haha!

Just after I got my slush, the celebrities came to visit this booth and there I was able to see up-close and personal Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla! Sila lang kilala ko haha.

After all that commotion, I continued to the next booth where the queue was short. Grab a cup of ice cream with two toppings at the O-Twirl booth for only P20. I chose the two flavors of O-puff Marshmallows in mango and chocolate flavors.

Next booth was one of my favorites, the Snack & Shack. For P295, you get to choose a 2 feet empty jumbo Oishi bag and fill in with snacks that you can choose from among those displayed on the racks in 60 seconds and be able to seal it with velcro.

I chose Oishi Gourmet Picks Wasabi & Nori Flavor jumbo bag as my container.

The heavier your bag weighs, the more points you earn. Be smart in choosing what to fill in, whether you want quantity or quality. For me I started with the small packs on the right rack, got more or less 2 packs each new variant that I wanted to try then got some Potato Ridges and Gourmet Picks from the more expensive ones on the left rack. Then I remembered it might be a good idea to stuff my bag with marshmallows as pasalubong for my toddler since it's her favorite and besides I don't let her eat chips yet.

Then I went to line up at the Snack Catcher or the most-awaited human crane that I've been wanting to try. For P200, get strapped up and grab all the snacks that you can. The tip here is to use even your legs and curl your body into a C position so that your knees can also support the snacks that you are hugging. You'll get the idea when you are in line watching other people do it. I got 61 packs!

And finally the last booth that I went to was the Cuckoo Blaster. For P100, wear the Cuckoo costume and catch as many pingpong balls as you can. Warning, the floor is slippery and you can hardly run or move freely but the costume is cute, hehe. The number of balls you catch is equivalent to the number of Oishi goodies that you will get based on the Snack Meter. I caught 15 out of 40 balls.

Whew finally I was able to finish the booth stamping game, submitted my pass and got a Cuckoo T-shirt.

It's really an O-Wow experience, taking home hundreds of Oishi goodies, my comfort food! But of course, I'll be sharing it with my family and friends because eating too much junk food is not good. Plus, I only eat when my toddler is not looking.

Thank you friend A for dropping by kahit isang game lang nalaro mo. I really appreciate it! :)

Thank you so much Oishi for this Snacktacular experience. I look forward to joining next year's event again especially the human claw game.

So guys what are you waiting for? Head on now to SM Mall of Asia Music Hall coz you only have until 10pm today July 17, 2016 Sunday to try these games and take home loads of Oishi chips! Thank you for reading!