Thursday, June 26, 2014

Baking Class at The Maya Kitchen

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." This saying sounded cliche but it's very true. We have been married for more than two and a half years but until now I still haven't mastered the art of cooking. Before I got pregnant, I tried my best to cook something edible for the two of us but with a toddler now, I can't seem to find a quiet time to get back to the kitchen. 

Last month I was so lucky to have the opportunity to attend a baking class at The Maya Kitchen. Thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for giving me a slot. Actually, it was a last minute decision just because somebody backed-out and that I was able to immediately grab the freed up slot. Personally, I love to eat sweets which includes cakes, chocolates and pastries that's why this session is just what I need.

I haven't heard about The Maya Kitchen before but upon visiting their website, I saw how credible and enticing it was to join their class. It got me curious as to how they all started that I went on searching online for their history and stumbled upon this link from Inquirer. It's interesting to know how this well-established local company emerged from just being a flour manufacturer to a most sought-after culinary center.

I'm excited to share with you my experience when I attended their Mother's Day Baking Class last May 10, 2014 together with my mom blogger friend Edel of Legal Mom Archives. First let me tour you around the place.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Bears for Haiyan: a DIY Caridad Charity Bear Workshop

When I was a kid, I didn't have much fondness towards stuffed toys. My mom kept me away from them because she said they easily collect dust. I almost got brainwashed from her not until my hubby insisted to let baby play with the stuffed teddy bears that my friend gave me during baby shower. After playing with these stuffed toys for quite sometime now, we noticed how baby has grown an affection and love towards them. It's very heart-warming to see when baby hugs and kisses her teddy bears just like the photo below.

Once, we strolled her to the mall and spontaneously entered a store that sells various stuffed toys, we saw how she was able to recognize and identify those cuddly teddy bears as if all of them were her friends. That's where I realized how teddy bears could brighten up and bring a smile to a child and even us adults.

And speaking of teddy bears, have you thought of creating one for yourself? Because Manila Workshops, in partnership with Luna and BE ME, would be having a workshop that will teach both kids and kids at heart on how to create their own teddy bear. The event, entitled Bears for Haiyan: A DIY Caridad Charity Bear Workshop, will be held on July 19, 2014 (Saturday).

Monday, June 16, 2014

TBM's 1st Anniversary Blog Giveaway

How can a special occasion be remembered without a giveaway? This is actually a continuation of my previous post on Celebrating Life with The Binondo Mommy. Pls. read it first if you haven't.

I'm honored to present to you the generous sponsors of TBM's 1st Anniversary Blog Giveaway. Just click through each link below to direct you to each of their Facebook pages.

Overview of the Sponsors
The book that I'm talking about earlier that inspired me to get out of the rat race is: I Wish They Taught Money in High School by Lifestyle Upgrade. Just click on the title to read my book review on this. Aside from knowing them personally from a leadership seminar, I'm really one big fan of their book. I just loved it.

actual prizes to be raffled off
The first time I met Mommy Ven was last year in MCNP Grand EB and the last time was during the Mom Expo. What made me stop by her booth was the style and big coverage of her nursing cover plus the cool patterns of the fabric used. After a few interviews with her, I was amazed to know that she is the one personally conceptualizing the designs of all her mom and baby products. She's none other than the humble and ever-friendly mompreneur behind Mom Baby Fabric who sells breastfeeding-friendly and baby products.

actual design to be raffled off

Tiny Thinkies 

Last April, I tried attending a Mastermind session by Wahmderful Life and randomly got acquainted with a mom who has a personalized onesie business. Then I met her again during the Great Diaper Change event that same month. What I admire about this mompreneur is her innovativeness to create a new concept on baby onesie business by offering an option for customization. I particularly love the idea of their Declaration Onesie. Let me introduce to you Mommy Gracie of the Tiny Thinkies.

sample image lifted from their FB page

Tita Vickie's

Just last month, I was surprised to see an invite notification to like an FB page from Tita Vickie. I've known Tita V for quite sometime from PSI, the leadership seminar that I have mentioned. Just like any seminars, there are snacks being prepared and what made it special is that they are personally home-made by Tita V. And now, I'm happy to know that she has started offering them to the public already. Try Tita Vickie's home-made cheese pimiento, tuna spread and egg sandwich spread, and your breakfast and merienda would never be the same again. They're just so addicting!

sample image lifted from their FB page

Headpiece Glamour
The last but not the least of my sponsors is Headpiece Glamour. I met her five years ago in Liberty Hall's Winter Camp event when we were both single back then. Since she had her first child, she became a stay-at-home mom. Until recently, I saw her sharing her masterpieces in creating hand-made glamorous hair trinkets for little princesses. I encouraged her to create her online store so she can better market her creations and so she did. Congrats Mommy Jeddy! Let's give our full support to this budding mompreneur by checking out her FB page.

sample image lifted from their FB page

Celebrating Life with The Binondo Mommy

Hi everyone, I'm back! Sorry for not being able to blog lately on a personal level for quite sometime. It's because my mind is a mess. I don't know where to start. So many things had happened and time has gone by really fast. It's been one year since I started this blog, The Binondo Mommy. I was supposed to write a post last Sunday June 8, the actual date of TBM's anniversary, but was too preoccupied with my toddler who has just turned 18 months on that same day. 

She had her first hair cut on her 18th monthsary.

Since the time she started walking on her own last Feb. 18, lots of rearranging and child-proofing has been done inside our house. We realized that our baby is not a baby anymore and that we now have a toddler. I thought my current set-up of working-at-home-physically-but-away-mentally would make me a fulfilled housewife/mommy. Yes I am thankful for granting me a home-based job that I was able to sustain my breastfeeding journey this far. I was able to witness majority of my baby's milestones and most importantly, I was able to watch her grow up in good hands. But in the past months, I found myself becoming too busy with my laptop that I didn't really have the quality time to interact and play with my toddler.