Sunday, February 26, 2017

Germany's Langnese Honey goes to the Philippines

At the start of January this year, I was surprised to receive a formal product launch invite via email. Knowing the fact that I'm not active anymore in blogging, I was hesitant to attend and of course very selective due to my super busy schedule. I don't even open my laptop anymore nowadays and just use my smartphone to surf. But because Ms. Cherryl even messaged me on my Facebook page that I finally agreed to go and discover a new brand of honey from a reputable distributor. I was also interested because that time our family had gotten down with colds and coughs on and off, thus I wanted something related to health and wellness.
The launching of Germany's No. 1 Langnese Honey was held at The Marriott Grand Ballroom last January 19, 2017 (Thursday) with Ms. Patty Laurel-Filart, celebrity mom blogger and model, as the master of ceremonies. Langnese is read as lang-ne-se.

Mr. Jun Cochanco, President, Fly Ace Corp.

Ernie San Beda, Product Manager

Mr. Mark Baumgartner, Furster Reform
After a series of introductions from VIPs, Furster Reform's Export Manager Mark Baumgartner talked about the history of Langnese Honey. That Fursten Reform is a family owned business for more than 85 years and now run by the 3rd generation. He mentioned that aside from the delicious taste of pure natural honey, it has numerous health benefits such as wound healing, skin moisturizing, reducing fever, energy booster, adds shine to the hair and promotes strong immune system and metabolism. Add to these, honey is known to be antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial.
Dr. Cleo Cervancia, UP Scientist Awardee

The next speaker, Professor Dr. Cleofas Cervancia assured that Langnese Honey is authentic, unfiltered and not adulterated after analyzing different brands both locally and imported.
Cheshire Que, Phil-US registered dietitian-nutritionist
 Ms. Cheshire Que advised us to use honey instead of table sugar to pair with our food. She taught us to choose food with a lower glycemic load to avoid diabetes.
Here are 5 facts that make Langnese Honey stand out among others:
1. Highest quality and purity since 1927
2. No short cuts and no compromise
3. Pollen-packed and certified safe.
4. Chic and convenient.
5. Available in five decadent flavors namely: black forest honey, acacia honey, wild lavender honey, wildflower honey and pure bee honey.