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Book Hunting Tips at Books for Less Warehouse Sale

Hoarding books. That's my latest addiction which I imbibed from a fellow mommy friend Edel. I'm thankful to her for giving me a head start on the journey of book hunting for our kids. The importance of book reading was then reinforced by the seminars that we have been attending, particularly the talks by The Learning Basket. Books are indeed windows to the world and I'm glad we had a fairly good start at that. I'm proud of my 20-month old toddler for being able to say or blurt out some lines in the books that I've been reading to her. The only effort we need to do is to read at least a few minutes each day every day and our babies will soon be able to read back to us. It's really an amazing and magical sight to behold.

A quote to inspire. Got it from the internet.

For more than a year now, every time I would pass by a second-hand book store, I would spend some few minutes browsing through the children's books section and would only leave until I get to find a good book at a good price. The more I practice my book hunting skills, the better I become in looking for great finds. 

Two weeks ago, I heard from a certain Facebook group about Books for Less having a Warehouse Sale. I especially got so giddy when I learned that all books are priced at P10.00 each, whether it's a children's book, pocket book, literature, etc. Another good thing is that the duration will be for the whole month of August, Mondays to Saturdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except Sundays and Holidays. I told myself that I will definitely drop by their warehouse sale one of these days.

Official poster of Books for Less Warehouse Sale

Last Wednesday, I, together with my friend and sister, finally went to check out the most talked about warehouse sale. We left Binondo area at 2pm, got caught in a heavy traffic along Greenhills-Edsa area and arrived Pasig past 4pm already. We barely had few minutes left until 5pm to check out the whole place. But thankfully, they were very accommodating enough to extend and let us finish our book shopping. We left at around 6:30pm.

Official map from their website

We went there by car but if I were to commute, this will be my route:
  1. Take LRT to Edsa station
  2. Take MRT to Shaw Blvd station
  3. Take jeep going to Pasig Rotonda and alight at Jollibee Rotonda (along C. Raymundo Ave)
  4. Ride a tricycle going to La Consolacion College and the warehouse is just in front of the school (along Mercedes Ave)
The whole area is just this big, but full of books.

Let me give you some tips to make your book shopping experience more fruitful.
  1. Bring a list of titles or authors you are looking for. You can leave the list to the staff, ask them to find them for you and coordinate when you can go back. Although some might be sold at the original price but at least you get the books that you really want. 
  2. Go there on a weekday at 8:00 am, fewer people, books are properly arranged and you get first dibs on the book selection for the day. They replenish books everyday.
  3. Remember to wear a mask to protect yourself from heavy dust all over the place. They have a CR inside if you want to wash your hands after.
  4. Dig deeper and don't leave a section unturned as you might find a good one underneath those mountains of books.
  5. Briefly browse through the insides of the books to check for torn/dirty pages and if the content is suitable for your little one.
  6. How to know if it's a good book? If it's classic, not character-themed, and included in the BFIAR list, then it's considered a good book.
  7. Bring a big cloth bag to serve as your shopping basket or bring your pile of chosen books to the counter for reservation if you can't carry them anymore.
  8. Before paying at the counter, double check again all your reserved books and remove those unwanted ones.
  9. Credit cards are accepted so feel free to buy as many books as you want. Just make sure you have prepared an empty shelf space at home to organize your new pile of books.
  10. Enjoy your book hunting and book hoarding! I suggest not to bring small kids so you can focus on your book hunt.

This is their counter.
Me and my friend at the counter.

I was able to hoard 36 books for only P360.00. Let me share with you my book finds below. All are children's books for my toddler.

Part 1 of my book finds (15pcs)
Part 2 of my book finds (19pcs)

The other 2 books are here.

Sesame Street book

And a book about potty training

Where else can you find cheap and in good condition books? Head on to Books for Less Warehouse Sale and don't miss out this great opportunity. Let's start building a mini library for our kids now. 

Look! I was even able to buy a Chinese children's story book!

Share with me your book finds from the warehouse sale by leaving me a comment below. I'll be glad to know how your book shopping experience went. I wanted to go back!

Books for Less Warehouse
Address: 643 Mercedes Ave., Brgy. San Miguel, Pasig City
Contact Nos.: 633-8554; 0917-6309999

Mommy Sally


  1. mainit pero masaya ano? I want to go back too! I just blogged about my own trip. I got "only" 23 books, and looking at your haul, naiinggit ako ha ha! looks like you got a lot of big books! :)

    1. Hi Rina, oo nga mainit, nagsuot ako ng mask, pinagpapawisan yung nose ko, haha! Pero sige lang sa paghahalungkat. Finders keepers ang peg. Haha!

    2. Kailan po kya nxt warehouse sale nla? Tnx po

  2. Thanks for the tip on how to commute there! might come with the mister and the kids sometime.. :)


    1. Hi Nicole, thanks for leaving a comment. Enjoy your book hunt! :)

  3. wow. I want to go there too. Children's book lang ba, Sally?

    1. Hi Nerisa, nope, halo halo siya. The books are for all ages, fictional or non-fictional in nature. :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I'll definitely drop-by next week!

    ps: I used to read Teddy Bears' Adventures as a kid. :) :)

    1. Hi Polly, thanks for the comment. Oh, I didn't know if the "Teddy Bears" book is considered a good find, I just bought it since it's a board book. Glad you confirmed it. :)

  5. Ang saya! Sana I can go too. :) Will try to make time for this. :) Thanks for the tips!

  6. My sisters had to drag me out of there! I want to go baaaack! I don't have little kids so I was not looking for children's books but I found so many hard bound fiction and non fiction to take home! Plus we were thinking we could actually buy books and sell them! Happy book hunting! patsy

    1. Yes Patsy, you said it right! We can actually buy the good ones and sell them at a slightly higher price. It will still come out cheap once the warehouse sale is over. You just need a car to bring home everything.

  7. dami!! ang sarap balik balikan no? :)

    1. Yup, nakaka addict. Kamusta yung mga nabili mo? Gusto kong bumalik. Kayo? hehe :)

  8. OMG! I just fainted looking at that book haven! I want to gooooooo, waaaaaah! I just don't know if I'll manage having the three boys tag along when I go there. :( But was the staff able to find the books with your titles???

  9. Nice! We only have Book Sale here in Cebu. There was another one as well but they closed down a few months ago. I hope BooksForLess would come here.

  10. Thanks for this post! Went here with my friend yesterday. I was disappointed to see that some of the books were on the floor, being stepped on, and everything just piles on top of the other. They weren't even sorted by categories (which is better, I think). Everybody's sweating like pigs and it was a bit crowded. Should've gone there on a weekday.