Thursday, June 18, 2015

My 30-Month Old Toddler

It's been months since I stopped writing about my motherhood journey here. I'm so sorry about it. But if you have been following me on my Instagram account, you would know the updates on my child's development. I regularly post pictures with brief caption on Instagram as my only me-time is at night time while breastfeeding my now 30-month old toddler to sleep. 

There are lots of questions running around in my head. Some of them are:
1. How to correct and feed my picky-eater toddler well and increase her weight?
2. Where to begin and go about homeschooling my toddler?
3. Should I worry if my toddler is not yet fully potty-trained at her age now?
4. How to support my family's finances while being a full-time mom?
5. How to slowly wean my toddler from breastfeeding and train her to sleep without being carried by me so I can be more productive?

Since last December when Baby A's yaya had left us, I became more hands-on with her that's why I wasn't able to blog for so long. I would bathe with her, wipe after her pee and poop, feed her, carry her to sleep in the afternoon, play with her and even bring her along to Divisoria wet market or just out for a quick grocery or bank errand. It's very exhausting really if you don't have a trusted or able yaya to cover up for you. To add to that, our family just got scammed big time but that's a different story.

Walking courageously to Divisoria with my toddler
Baby A helping me wash her dirty clothes. No maid that time. (March)

Last January, I started handling workshops for Manila Workshops particularly Road to Retail sessions up until last May. I learned to stand by the challenges and be responsible for the result of the event. I learned how to prepare the materials, to coordinate with the attendees, to do post-documentation and even got to meet a few successful people. But because it's hard for me to divide my attention, doing this online job while worrying about my toddler's development, I decided to temporarily stop until I'm ready to interact with people or until I find the solutions to my concerns. 

at The Open Space, Makati

I'm happy that my toddler is on track with her developmental milestones. Based on my observation, she is good at:
1. picking up words heard from people talking or books being read to her
2. has clear diction or verbally inclined
3. loves to sing along, can even invent words using a familiar tune
4. loves to dance along, can even dance ballet without prior lessons
5. has sharp memory or recall
6. sociable and can easily mingle with people
7. has sense of humor, for example: she appears in the air instead of the person's hand; she imitates people walking weirdly, and many more.
8. she loves being massaged in the head or simply enjoys the pleasure of being tickled

home-service massage

9. she loves to drink Yakult, Dutch Mill, goat's milk/fresh milk with cereal or anything cold

at S&R
10. she loves to eat raisins thus I mixed it with her oatmeal as a cheat
11. of course, she loves cakes, ice creams and chocolates just like her mom
12. she loves to ride merry-go-round, kiddie trains and going to playground
climbing the slide
13. she has strong muscles such that she can hung herself and swing like this
14. she is showing signs of independence, for example: she wants to walk up/down the stairs by herself; she wants to switch on/off the light herself; she wants to carry her backpack; she can open and drink water from a jug all by herself and many more.
15. can complete a 10-piece puzzle
16. knows how to pray

Overall, I can say that she is indeed an active and fast-learner kind of toddler that it dawned on me whether it's time to enroll her to a preschool. How shall I enrich her this summer? It was already too late for me to scout for summer activities suitable for my then 28-month old toddler. But looking back now, it turned out that we had a jam-packed month of May after all! What we did last month deserves a separate post. Stay tuned! :)

Mommy Sally 

PS. Okay let me give you a sneak peek of what we did last May:
1. We attended 3-day trial class at Cambridge Binondo.
2. We attended 1 week Vacation Bible Study at Gerizim and had field trip at Avilon Zoo.
3. We enrolled her for a 15-day Summer Fun batch 2 class at Sacred Heart School.
4. We joined the 1-day Lil Preneur bazaar at San Lorenzo Village, Makati (June).
5. We've started setting up our mini classroom at home.

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