Friday, October 25, 2013

Baby A's Ear Piercing Experience

Last Oct. 18, 2013, we went to her pedia just to get baby's ears pierced. I was so excited and at the same time afraid that baby would get hurt. First, pedia asked me to choose which earrings I want for baby, either with a birthstone, gold, white gold, or with pearl. I just chose the color pink but actually it's an October's birthstone because December is color blue.

Pedia told me to hold baby's body and limbs tightly as she marked baby's ears with a dot using a pentel pen as a guide before she did the actual thing. My baby was already crying so loud because she didn't want being swaddled or restricted. Then here comes the pedia holding the gun and ready to pierce baby's left ears. You can watch the video HERE. It's my habit to take videos during vaccinations that's why I was also able to capture this video with the help of our maid.

To cut the long story short, as soon as I heard the BANG! of the gun, my baby went on a loud cry. I thought it's part of the process but when I looked into her ears, OH MY! A portion of her left cheek near the left ear got stuck by the gun. I panicked and almost cried as I can feel the pain my baby is going through. Good thing, the cut was not deep, just the outer skin as the pedia immediately removed/retracted the gun from her ear and just manually inserted the earrings lock. For the right ear, I let the maid hold baby already and it was done smoothly in just a split second.

This was one of the very few times baby cried out this loud. I hurriedly carried her and good thing she calmed down in a few minutes because she knew that she is now safe in mommy's arms. This was the most traumatizing experience of me with baby so far. I don't dare to recall or watch the video again as it is really heart-breaking. It was a life-changing day for me because that's when I realized how much I love Baby A. From this day on, I promised myself to protect her, to be with her and spend more time with her. I don't want anything like this to happen again to my baby. Instead of feeling furious and angry with the pedia and the incident, I just diverted my feelings towards loving baby more.

It was a fateful Friday. I didn't voiced out my anger to the public because I don't want to say something bad that I might later regret. I waited for one week which is today to calm myself down and partly forget the incident. Good news, baby's wound had dried up, partially healed and the dried skin cells were peeled off already. On the spot, the pedia applied Betadine and at home, I just applied drops of breastmilk. I am just worried and hoping it won't leave a scar on her cheek.

Thank God for baby's speedy healing of the wound. I love you my Baby A! Mwah! :)

Left side shows the freshly cut wounds. Right side shows the wound about to heal.

If you were on my position, how would you react on this?
Any tips on how to avoid getting scars?
At what age did you had your baby's ears pierced?
When do you think is the best time/age to do it?

Mommy Sally


  1. Sally, you were blaming yourself the last time we've talked about this incident. But after watching the video, well, i think there's something wrong with the gun. Nastuck ha, dapat tanggal kagad pagkabaril. Hindi naman gumalaw si baby nung binabaril ah. Gumalaw na lang siya dahil ayaw matanggal ng gun. And she was not crying prior to the piercing. Behave siya just like Baby C.

    1. That time when we talked, I haven't watched the video so I didn't remember exactly how it happened. After watching it, we were assured that it's not me or baby's fault. Ang behave nga talaga niya. Hay. :(

  2. aw i can feel you that's exactly i felt when my baby had her ear pierced kawawa naman si baby m nasugatan. left and right b un? buti nlng ndi nmn nsugatan si baby ko nung ngpierce sya ng ear. hopefully next time pedias will be extra careful s mga babies

  3. shocks! parang naramdaman ko yung pagka-ipit nung gun sa cheeks nya. dapat before using it chineck muna nung pedia yung equipment kung gumagana ng maayos at kung nagreretract ba agad. wawa naman si baby. buti nalang gumaling agad.

  4. may i know who your pedia is? and bakit naipit ? see put the gun too close to the skin?

  5. i watched the video and mukha ngang very calm yung baby mo, umiyak sya nung nasaktan ata sya sa cheek. nakakaawa naman at talagang para sa isang nanay masakit talaga yun, mabuti nalang ok na sya.

    I'm planning pa din naman palagyan ng earrings ang baby ko pero nagdalawang isip din tuloy ako.