Friday, October 25, 2013

Baby A at Ten Months

Baby's 10th month birthday cake.

Time flies so fast. My baby girl is now 10 months but still showed no signs of teething yet. She also has a thin/few hair but it's okay, most probably she got it from me. Sometimes, these things got me worried but I know I should not be because every child's development varies. I would just accept how she is and how she brings happiness to our lives.

Baby standing up holding unto the crib ledge.

At this age, she loves to move around and explore on things. She learned to stand up on her own by clinging onto the crib ledge. Then she would walk around the corners of the crib, proudly smiling and babbling, throwing her books and toys out of the crib as if seeking for attention. She now crawls so fast that we really need to be all eyes on where she is heading. She even learned to climb a step from bed to sofa. We started sleeping on the floor bed when she was 4 months old where our bed is connected to the room sofa which then served as her climbing course.

Baby climbing up the sofa.

I also want to celebrate our 10 months of breastfeeding journey where we strictly direct feed throughout the night. It was an amazing sight to see the many acrobatic poses my baby does while breastfeeding. Before, we only feed on a side-lying position. Now, she would feed on top of me, sometimes with her little butt up, trying to get milk while standing, kneeling or even sitting down. I have also tried to feed baby in public and be confident in not bringing a bottle when we go out with baby. It's really hassle-free with breastfeeding. I'm proud of myself to have reached this mark and be successful in breastfeeding. The journey was not an easy-breezy but through determination and commitment, it feels good to arrive at where we are now. Still looking forward. counting the days and years how far our breastfeeding journey would go. I have yet to see it myself the many benefits and miracles that breastfeeding could give to my baby.

Breastfeeding lying down position.

People would always give a side comment that having a baby would mean having increased expenses. But with breastfeeding, we were able to save a lot because we never had to buy any formula/powdered milk for our baby's daily needs. Aside from that, we also saved on buying disposable diapers because we use reusable cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are indeed expensive but in the long run, it will be worth it plus you help save the environment from garbage disposals. I think the last time I bought a pack of disposable diapers was when baby was 4 months.

Baby on a cloth diaper.
We also practiced baby-led weaning starting 6months, with help and support from the Facebook group called Baby Led Weaning Philippines where we feed only local produce such as steamed sayote, broccoli, cauliflower, papaya, avocado, banana, etc. We never fed her with jarred processed/pureed/blended food.
Baby eating steamed carrots.
From the savings that I got from breastfeeding, cloth diapering and baby-led weaning, I used them instead to buy books. I don't even buy my baby nice dresses or expensive toys because luckily my family and friends have been very generous to provide baby those things. What I regret the most with myself is not loving books and I don't want my baby to be like me. It would look exaggerating, but I buy children's books almost every week or at least every month to build up the library of my baby. Every time I would pass by a Book Sale, I would surely go in and search for good/famous books or cheap and worthy books.

At BOOKSALE Waltermart, E. Rodriguez branch.

Baby reading books while sitting.

Baby reading books while standing.

I never imagined that I am capable of sacrificing and loving someone this much. Every single moment with baby brings joy and excitement to my everyday life. And as a "stage mom", I would give whatever is best for my baby, inside and out. And as part of having a baby girl, it is a mom's responsibility to make her daughter look beautiful and presentable.

Baby's birthday is almost coming up in less than 2 months, I have been very busy preparing for her baptismal and birthday party. Part of the prepping up is to have my baby's ears pierced so she can wear earrings and make her look more girly and people would surely not mistaken her as a boy. Some babies had their ears pierced when they were just few days old, while some do it at a later age. Both has its pros and cons. Either doing it below 6 months old when baby is still easy to handle but prone to infection or just before one year old when baby's ears are more firm but very playful already. For me, the younger the better so that they won't remember the painful experience.

Want to know how the ear piercing experience of my baby went? I invite you to continue reading onto my next blog post. Warning, it's a heavy one.

Mommy Sally


  1. Cheers to breastfeeding and cloth diapering! =)

    1. Thank you Edel! We are in this together! :) We can do it!

  2. Hooray for breastfeeding! We're kinda in the weaning stage right now and i must admit, once my son finally weans from the breast 100%, i'll truly miss nursing. Enjoy and savour every breastfeeding moment!

    1. Hi Ms. Brenda, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It's my first time to browse through your blog and I find it very informative!

      I can't imagine how I would be feeling when the time comes that my daughter would wean from nursing. Yes, I really plan to breastfeed as long as possible. I'm actually enjoying and loving every breastfeeding moment we have. It's so addicting! Hehe! Thanks for the advice! :)