Monday, June 16, 2014

Celebrating Life with The Binondo Mommy

Hi everyone, I'm back! Sorry for not being able to blog lately on a personal level for quite sometime. It's because my mind is a mess. I don't know where to start. So many things had happened and time has gone by really fast. It's been one year since I started this blog, The Binondo Mommy. I was supposed to write a post last Sunday June 8, the actual date of TBM's anniversary, but was too preoccupied with my toddler who has just turned 18 months on that same day. 

She had her first hair cut on her 18th monthsary.

Since the time she started walking on her own last Feb. 18, lots of rearranging and child-proofing has been done inside our house. We realized that our baby is not a baby anymore and that we now have a toddler. I thought my current set-up of working-at-home-physically-but-away-mentally would make me a fulfilled housewife/mommy. Yes I am thankful for granting me a home-based job that I was able to sustain my breastfeeding journey this far. I was able to witness majority of my baby's milestones and most importantly, I was able to watch her grow up in good hands. But in the past months, I found myself becoming too busy with my laptop that I didn't really have the quality time to interact and play with my toddler. 

Meanwhile early this year, I started getting my hands on some financial and self-help books to feed my mind and soul. I also joined the bandwagon challenge of posting #100happydays photos on TBM's Instagram account. Then I also attended a handful of business-related workshops here and there. On top of these seemingly smooth-sailing life, the week after Holy Week was the hardest where we were faced with household helper dilemmas plus other serious life-threatening cases in both sides of the family which I won't elaborate anymore since everything is back to normal now in God's grace. Going back, the yaya had to take a sick leave for two weeks and Baby A simultaneously got a pesky cough where she was prescribed and took antibiotics for the very first time. As soon as the yaya came back and baby was okay, letting go of the other delinquent all-around helper then followed.

Here's the two medicines she took for her cough, Solmux and Ceporex.

We have to go to my mom's house every time there's no yaya and I have to report to work.
One baby is equivalent to this number of baggages.
But the main highlight of this post is that I'm now officially a full-time mom after being a work-at-home for a year. Yey! Happy Independence Day for me! Those last three weeks of turnover was a bit hard because I've been in the company for exactly five years. I had to bid goodbye to my office laptop, cellphone, colleagues, Eastwood, and most importantly the monthly paycheck. But nothing will ever be more precious than the time that I will be spending with my toddler. I know we can't live in a single-income household forever but I'm positive that I would be able to find an income-stream that will be favorable to me. I strongly believe in the saying: "When one door closes, another door opens." For now, I'll make good use of the transition time to de-clutter things at home, allot more play time with my toddler and service to my hubby, nurture and improve my overall wellness. 

Currently I'm trying to live a simple life because Less is More. And so I started cleaning my wardrobe and started selling away at a cheap price the clothes and things that I have already outgrown or not be using anymore. This is actually my long overdue goal but was put on hold the night I gave birth 1.5 years ago.

Trying to sort and revamp my wardrobe, hoping to sell them and use the funds to buy new clothes.

I didn't know that blogging could eat up much of my time but since I'm now free, I'll do my best to blog more frequently. I actually made a list of the topics that I need to blog about and owe to you my readers. Just hang on and hope you could still give me your usual support by reading, commenting and sharing.

With this, let me begin this new life with a blog giveaway. Kindly proceed to my next post for more details and mechanics on how to join. Cheers to my freedom!

Mommy Sally

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  1. Congratulations on your blog's first anniversary! May there be more blogging years to come. Have fun blogging!