Saturday, May 31, 2014

Workshop for First Time Parents + Giveaway

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I love attending workshops and one of my favorites is Manila Workshop-organized workshops particularly their First Time Parents (FTP) series.

Here are some of the reasons why:
1. First of all, the topics are exactly what I needed as a new mom.
2. The venue is very accessible and conducive to learning, Medela House.
3. They have a hand-out neatly compiled in a folder inside a brown envelope.
4. They have a snack bar with biscuits, candies, coffee sachets and water.
5. There are lots of booths related to mom and baby and most of the time there would be sample packs or freebies for you to take home or free taste.
6. Best of all, you could attend for free if you are a Medela pump customer.
7. And you get to meet and mingle with new mommy friends along the way.
8. Lastly, it's actually my me-time, time to relax.

To give you a brief history, First Time Parents series started June of last year and I have attended at least four of them since then. Each year, they have lined up ten series of FTP workshops with varying topics to aid new mommies in their motherhood journey. Their topics would range from pre-natal, delivery, newborn care and even beyond toddlerhood. Want to know what's another good thing about FTP workshops? They have actually lowered their learning fee in order to reach out to more mommies out there. How great is that!

Are you curious to know what's their most requested workshop? It's the "What to Know Before Giving Birth" workshop, thus a rerun was made. I haven't attended this particular workshop yet because my baby is already a toddler when this topic came out. Last May 24, I attended their afternoon workshop on Mom and Baby Fashion/Baby Nutrition and upon signing in the registration, I was surprised to see a familiar name, one of my high school batch mates, who attended the morning session on What to Know Before Giving Birth the Rerun. I've thought of asking them instead on their feedback about the workshop and  here's what the couple had said:

"The workshop talked about the journey from 1st to 9th month of pregnancy. It doesn't mean that if mommy is okay, baby is okay too. The chart on weight gain was very informative. They specially reminded us to avoid eating processed meat. The workshop is best attended by newly pregnant mommies who are still on their first trimester and will definitely benefit them the most." (Note that the mommy is on her 7th month already)

Photo credit: Donna Donor

And because it's the most requested workshop for FTP series, they have been blessed with lots of sponsors, which also means freebies! All the attendees got to take home loads of gift packs. Even if you were not able to attend, my readers will also have a chance to win gift packs from these sponsors. 

Are you ready? But first of all, let me thank Manila Workshops for choosing The Binondo Mommy to host this grand giveaway. Two (2) lucky winners will get a chance to take home a gift pack overload from their sponsors namely: Unilab, Rustan's, NumaBaby and SebaMed

One set of Gift Pack Overload contains these items. Two sets will be given away. (Prizes may vary.)

The giveaway will run from May 31 until June 15, 2014. Winners will be announced the next day. Winners should be able to claim their gift packs at the Medela House on June 28 between 1 to 5pm only. Just follow the mechanics as stated in the Rafflecopter. Unable to follow the mandatory steps will make your entries invalid.

I'm also inviting you to attend their 8th installment on the FTP series of workshop, Making Memories and Party Planning this coming June 28, 2014, 1 to 5pm. It's a 2-in-1 session that teaches first time parents on how to document milestones and important events in their child's lives as well as plan for their child's baptism and birthday parties. The speaker would be Ms. Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro, editor-in-chief of Metro Weddings. For more info, just click the link below the poster.

If in case you are one of the lucky winners of my giveaway and would be interested to attend, I'm extending a 10% discount to this particular workshop. You just need to indicate "The Binondo Mommy" as your referrer to get the discount.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

See you on the 28th of June!

Updated June 16:

Thank you everyone for joining! Because I can't seem to "add a winner" or access the entries using Rafflecopter, I used the instead in choosing the winners. Here's the line up of names who joined this giveaway.

  1. Ma. Clarice Lao-Itumay – DIY party ideas
  2. Jim Marlon Macaraeg – party planning
  3. Theresa Cruz-Escaros – childhood learning and development
  4. Riyalyn Gatdula – newborn care, baby tests and other health-topics for the baby
  5. Sherry Ann Gole Cruz – parenting and age-appropriate activities for kids
  6. Arra Odeza – child care, breastfeeding, saving tips
  7. Anne Marie Napay-Dragon – party planning, nutritious food for babies/toddlers
  8. Laila Mercado – business workshop
  9. Maricel Fajardo – parenting
  10. Lovelyn Pagulayan
  11. Helen Gatbonton – business
  12. Ann Cagalingan – self-confidence booster for kids
  13. Maria Elizabeth P. Andres – parenting, cooking and health-related
  14. Princess Buenviaje
  15. May Ongsioco – parenting
  16. Abegail B. Licayan – business
  17. Anna Maria Adona – age-appropriate games/exercises for skill/behavorial development
  18. Kristine Domingo – parenting, child behaviour
  19. Emilyn Cañares – parenting, tantrum-handling, nutrition
  20. Lovely Joy Merced – party planning
  21. Sarah Quijano – business
  22. Kharen Mallari – parenting, cooking, business
  23. Jeddahlyn Gonzales – party planning
  24. Mary Anne Ramirez – handling toddler quarrels
  25. Judith Albius – parenting, cooking
  26. Hanna Roxette A. Zulueta – parenting, cooking
  27. Rodel Salazar Mercurio – business
  28. Maria Kristina Punla – parenting
  29. Gracie Ramirez – satisfying children’s curiosity
  30. Allan Reyes – child care
  31. Jenny Esplana – make-up
  32. Jessiemer Abing – business
  33. Lorielyn Nocasa – parenting
  34. Mary Rose Paguio – business
And the two lucky winners of the Gift Pack Overload are:
Congratulations! Kindly message me in FB your confirmation that you will be able to pick-up your prize at Medela House on the 28th of June, from 1-5pm and if you would be attending the said event. Thank you! :)

Mommy Sally 


  1. Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay

    Party Planning -- DIY party ideas.

  2. Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg, 30
    What workshop topics are you more inclined or interested to attend in? Why?
    Making memories and Party planning, because I want to venture into being events specialist

  3. Theresa Cruz-Escaros
    I have a 3-year-old son.
    I am interested in attending seminars on Childhood Learning and Development.

  4. Taking care of newborn, baby tests and other health concern for the baby.
    6 mos.

    Riyalyn Gatdula

  5. sherry ann gole cruz
    my kids are,15, 7 and 2 years old
    i would love to attend workshop that has topic in parenting kids on different ages,what activities that can catch their attention! because i been having a hard time on dividing my time on my three kids.

  6. Arra Odeza
    my daughter is 2 years old

    I am interested on topics about child care, breastfeeding and saving tips for the family since i am a first time mom

  7. anne marie napay-dragon
    2 month old

    I'm interested in attending the making memories an party planning workshop in preparation for my daughter' s future celebrations where i wanted to do hands-on. I'm also interested if there are workshops on nutritious foods for babies/toddler so I can use it by the time that my baby is ready to wean from breastfeeding. :)

    More power to the Binondo Mommy! :)

  8. im interested in business workshop

  9. Name: Maricel Fajardo
    Email Add:
    Childrens age: 7,and 10
    Interested workshop: Parenting,

  10. Lovelyn Pagulayan
    Address: Quezon City
    Mother of: 3yrs old boy :)

  11. helen gatbonton
    my kids are 12 and 14
    im interested about business workshop

  12. Ann Cagalingan
    I want my daughter to attend a workshop where she can learn a lot of things.a workshop where she can learn to enhance his self confidence

  13. Maria Elizabeth P. Andres
    My kids ages are 9 months , 6y, 10y and 19 years old
    I love to be part of workshop that tackles parenting, cooking & anything about health.

  14. Princess Buenviaje

    4th months Pregnant

  15. may ongsioco
    Childrens age: 7and 10
    about parenting

  16. Abegail B Licayan
    Business workshop because i want to have my own business someday.

  17. Anna Maria Adona
    I take care of my 6-year-old niece.

    I am interested in seminars/workshops about child development and age-appropriate games/exercises for skill/behavioral development.

  18. Kristine Domingo
    4 years old
    Interested workshop: Parenting and workshop about the childrens behavior.

  19. Emilyn Cañares
    childrens: 13/ 3 1/2 and 2 years old
    I am interested in parenting, how to handle tantrums, healthy foods and other stuffs that is good for our kids.

  20. Lovely Joy Merced
    3 and 7 years old
    Im interested in Party Planning Workshops :)

  21. Sarah Quijano
    5 and 2 yrs old
    Im interested in Business worshop..

  22. kharen mallari
    4 yrs.old and 6 months old
    im interested in parenting,cooking,and business :)

  23. Jeddahlyn Gonzales
    2yrs old daughter
    Im interested on Party Planning workshop. I want my daughters next bday party to be organized

  24. name: mary anne ramirez
    email address:
    age of child/ren: 15, 12 & 1

    What workshop topics are you more inclined or interested to attend in? Why?I like workshops that will give me tips on how to handle toddlers and also workshop that can provide me tips & tricks on handling children who always try to argue and quarrel so that I can apply it with my kids

  25. Judith Albius
    4 years old son
    I am interested in seminars/workshops about parenting and cooking.

  26. Hanna Roxette A. Zulueta,, 1 year old daughter

    I'd love to attend parenting workshops too since I am a first-time mom. I'd also like to join cooking seminars as well. :)

  27. Complete name: Rodel Salazar Mercurio
    Email address:
    Age: 30 Years Old

    What workshop topics are you more inclined or interested to attend in? Why?
    Answer: I'm interested in business workshop.

  28. Maria Kristina Punla

    12 and 6 yr old

    I love to know more about parenting, Im a single Mom and I want to be a good mom and dad at the same time for my kids.

  29. complete name: Gracie Ramireze
    email address:
    age of child/ren : 15, 12 and 1yr6mos old baby

    Please answer this question: What workshop topics are you more inclined or interested to attend in? Why?I am more interested with topics regarding how to answer children asking questions about motherhood and pregnancy so that I can get tips on how to handle these type of questions.

  30. Allan Reyes
    my daughter is 2 years old

    I am interested on topics about child care.

  31. Im more interested in make up session or workshop <3
    Jenny Esplana

  32. Jessiemer Abing
    still singke, but I would love to give this to my mom.

    Business workshop!

  33. im interested to learn anything about parenting. i think it's fun to interact with other parents and share our wonderful experiences.

    Lorielyn Nocasa

  34. Mary Rose Paguio
    10 months old
    i am interested Business Workshop..