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Attipas Baby First Shoes: Socks and Shoes in One

When I was still pregnant, a friend of mine advised me not to get so excited in buying lots of baby wear especially for a first-time mom like me. The advise was favorable to our frugal and practical family so I listened to her and accepted hand-me-downs since newborns indeed grow up fast. The first time I officially shopped for my baby, excluding those bought during a sale period, was when she was about to turn one year old because I needed to buy her an outfit for her 1st birthday. I bought 3 pairs of baby shoes priced at P150 each from SM just for fashion purposes and sadly were only worn once during her baptismal and birthday party plus a few more times. Most of the time, we would just let her be on either bare foot, wear socks or cloth-type shoes inside the house or whenever we go out. 

Baby at 14 months just learned a new skill, to walk unassisted.

My baby started walking confidently without any assistance at 14 months. And because baby has lots of thoughtful aunties (sister-in-laws) who would buy her shoes from time to time, I just let her wear those for the mean time even if those were not the right fit. I then realized that as a mom, I should take responsibility in buying the right shoes for my baby, the one with a perfect fit. But buying a baby's first shoes is not that easy. You need to be mindful in choosing for the right pair of shoes as it can make or break your child's initial walking experience.

Here are some tips to look out for when buying your child's first walking shoes based on my online research:  
1. When babies are still cruising along and trying to get their balance, walking on bare foot is the best as this allows their tiny toes to wiggle, feet to develop properly and to be able to feel the floor beneath them.
2. Start buying only several weeks after they started walking, as soon as they are stable enough. 
3. The soles should be super soft such that you can bend or twist and even feel your baby's toes inside.
4. The material should be breathable such as leather, cloth or canvas to ensure that your baby's feet could get some air.
5. Should have the right fit. There should be around a thumb's width between your child's big toe and the front of the shoe.
6. Should be firmly fastened to avoid coming off or sliding around.

Just as I was ready to shop for my toddler's first shoes, I received a pair of Attipas Shoes through Mommy Bloggers Philippines last month to test and review the product.

I got a Corsage style, size XL, 135mm, US 6.5, Euro 22.5

Upon opening the package and taking a few shots, I proceeded to inspecting the quality and features of the shoes before trying on to my toddler's feet.

Fits perfectly on my daughter's cute little feet.

What I love about Attipas Baby Functional Shoes:

1. First and foremost, the design. The shoes I got, which was the Corsage design, is so fashionable and can easily match any color and attire whether in dress, shorts or leggings. It doesn't make my baby look mature. It has lots of cool designs to choose from.
2. The two-in-one feature, shoes with built-in socks makes it comfortable and light for baby's developing feet. I like how the socks is stretched neatly inside and securely attached to the silicone soles making sure that there won't be any loose thread that might get tangled with baby's toes. 
3. It is made from 100% non-toxic materials: no glue or adhesives, no Formaldehyde and no hazardous materials used. It is safe for baby to wear.
4. It has a big toe box to allow toes to move freely and known to improve cognitive and motor development.
5. Its breathability feature where there are 25 tiny perforated holes on the soles to release heat and moisture from baby's feet.
6. Can be washed, definitely, but we didn't try to use the washing machine because I'm afraid the floral design might get worn out.
7. It is flexible, non-slip, smooth, durable and super lightweight. Can easily be folded and stored inside a pocket or pouch.
8. Made in Korea.

Product Features of Attipas Shoes

More about Attipas (got from the website)

Attipas loosely translates to “precious steps”, and that is exactly what we want babies to do when they put on a pair of Attipas, take those first precious steps and take off running! Studies show that as our children are learning to walk, it’s best to be barefoot as much as possible. At Attipas, we have taken these studies and built a shoe that allows for movement that mimics being barefoot, while providing protection to each precious piggy. At Attipas, we also strive to be fashion forward with an array of colors, patterns and designs to match any outfit or attitude.

Attipas toddler shoes are based on 7 years of kinetic and physio-dynamic research of toddlers walking. These unique non-slip shoes ergonomically support an infant's first steps and thereafter. With university, industry and educational cooperation, we are proud to introduce these internationally patented toddler shoes to the market. Attipas shoes are The Fun of Learning to Walk.

Attipas is helpful in enhancing our baby's cognitive behavioral development because it gives the same feeling as walking on the grass barefoot which is the best way for our baby.

Based on Lazada, the price of Attipas shoes range from P899.00 to P1,199.00 depending on the design. It's quite expensive but if it could help your toddler walk correctly and confidently, then go for it.

Here's a short video clip about Attipas.

Attipas Functional Toddler Shoes

Exclusively distributed by Little Green, CKMJ Greenovation Inc.
Contact Number: 559-5140 
Available at the following outlets: 
Tarte Tatin (Rockwell and Greenbelt 5), Babyland (Shaw, Eastwood and Festival), Rustans (Shangrila, Makati and Alabang), Babyzone (Fisher Mall), Baby Steps (Festival Mall), Wellworth Department Store (Fairview Terraces), Landmark (Makati and Trinoma), Fisher Mall Department Store, Kuku Duckbill (Market Market), Baby and Kids (Festival Mall); and online through, and

More pictures below of my 21-month toddler wearing Attipas. I think this is the only pair of real shoes that my baby has. We so loved it that we let her wear this every weekend, every time we go out. Good thing, it matches easily on all her outfit.

Blue Corsage Attipas on peach dress.

Blue Corsage Attipas on red dress.

Blue Corsage Attipas on yellow shorts.

Blue Corsage Attipas on red leggings.
Thank you once again to CKMJ Greenovation and to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for giving my toddler the opportunity to try Attipas shoes. Actually a lot of people have noticed and gave positive comments while baby is wearing those cute little pair of shoes. Great innovation! I give it two thumbs up! 

Mommy Sally


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