Sunday, July 21, 2013

Binondo Footwear Sale

Since the time I had my own family and now a baby, my budget was split into three: for household use, for baby and lastly for myself. I love to go shopping and I love to splurge but I always hold back thinking twice on a particular item's worth and its lasting value. I usually wait for a sale and hunt for a good find. But rarely do I see a sale that is branded here in Binondo or I was just not aware of it.

Yesterday when I heard from my sister-in-law that there's a Warehouse Sale nearby, I hurriedly asked for the details. It's the Warehouse Sale of Cushe Footwear, Hush Puppies and Sebago. I didn't know the two other brands. I only know that Hush Puppies footwear are soft, durable and pricey. But since it's just a 10-minute walk from our place, I decided to drop by and check out the prices.

Here are the poster details which I grabbed from their Facebook fan page. It started last July 15 Monday until today July 21 Sunday. It's a week-long sale and I was only able to drop by Saturday. I would assume the good finds have been sold out already. And by the way, there's a P50 entrance fee but since I got a coupon from my SIL, I was able to go in for free. If not, I won't bother to drop by if I don't have much interest on the items or brands on sale.

Here's a map going to the sale location. The address is at State Center Building, Juan Luna Street, Binondo, Manila. It's just a walking distance from the Binondo Church and near World Trade Exchange if you are familiar with it.

I spent 1.5 hours inside from 4:30 to 6:00pm looking and searching for a good buy. At a first glance, I almost gave up because all I can see were dirty and broken sizes footwear. The place was hot and almost no ventilation that's why I went out feeling so sticky. I browsed more intently and started picking out some footwear styles that would suit me but as expected in a sale, either you get a broken size or get the display pair. You need luck and persistence to grab a good find.

The sale is mostly footwear but they also have shirts, socks and pillows.
After taking a few rounds, finally I was able to get a footwear of my size and style. So far the discounted price is acceptable or buyable knowing that it's a good brand. Let me give you a closer look at the total bill and savings.

1. Cushe Women's Manuka Fearless flip flop in Light Rose color
    Original Price is P1,390.00 and I only got it at P300 a pair.
2. Hush Puppies Sincerity White Leather Women's Body Shoe
    Original Price is P2,999.75 and I got it for P600.
3. Hush Puppies Resort Toe Post White Leather
    Original Price is P1,899.75 and I got it for P700.

Savings of almost 70%. Although this may still look pricey for some but I'm thinking of its durability and long term usage. Nowadays, a regular footwear would normally range at this price already, so for me these were a good buy. Yehey, I feel so proud of my hunting skills.

Look at what's inside my paper bag. It's Baby A! She can fit inside.

My Saturday solo shopping didn't end here. After this, I still went to a nearby supermarket to buy some groceries for the family. To those not familiar with Binondo, I'm excited to show you yet another good place with a good find. Up next!

Mommy Sally


  1. great finds! sayang hindi namin alam. we love hush puppies and we love binondo! asa juan luna lang ako noong isang araw. malay mo magkasalubong tayo jan minsan mommy B (as in Binondo!)...

    1. Hi nanaystrip, thanks for reading my post. Hope to know you more. hehe! I can't view your profile. :)