Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blogging Time is Me Time

This is an official entry to Dainty Mom's guest post challenge on "How to Find the Time to Write or Blog."

Even if I am at home most of the time, I find it hard to have a "me" time especially that I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby. As we all know it, taking on a mommy job requires so much responsibility and time. You won't be able to master the drift in one sitting or mere researching. We eventually get used to it as we go along with our daily routines, getting in tune with the various situations, and learning from our hits and misses. We gain credibility from our own personal experience.

I am a hands-on mom to my seven months old baby and I'm loving it. Although it's quite exhaustive at times but once I see my child hitting her milestones, all my efforts and sleepless nights are paid off. My love for Baby A grows deeper each day especially now that she is learning to respond by babbling and smiling back to us. One time, both me and the yaya tried to extend our arms to baby to see whom she would follow. And to my surprise, she chose me to carry her! That moment made my heart jumped out with joy. She can already recognize people.

This little baby wants to blog too!

Entering into this Motherhood phase brings about so much emotions and drama to our life. Aside from the photos and videos I have been taking day by day, another way to better document this wonderful memories is through blogging. However, blogging needs a certain amount of time, a "me" time, to be able to compose a cohesive blog post. I am a newbie mom blogger and here is how I find time to write for my blog.

1. Work within a Schedule
It has been a month since I started working at home. Having this set up allows me to carefully look into the daily routine of my baby such as her waking/sleeping time, bath time, meal time, play/reading time, nappy change and other baby caring roles. My usual day-to-day routine would go like this:
      7:00-9:00am    - breakfast, pump, supervise baby bath
      10:00-12:00nn - do some household errands or "me" time, lunch, supervise baby eat via baby led weaning
      1:00-5:30pm    - do my work-at-home job, pump, check out baby when yaya has merienda
 or takes a bath, have my snacks
      5:30-7:00pm    - take a bath, exercise, rest, play with baby, "me" time
      7:00-9:00pm    - dinner, supervise baby eat, pump
      9:00-10:30pm  - reading time with baby, put baby to sleep via direct feeding until the next morning
      10:30pm onwards - "me" time or blogging time
Getting familiarize with my mommy routines enabled me to identify when I could set a time for blogging and other online activities. The key here is to stick to a certain schedule.

2. Make Good Use of Waiting Time
Even if it's not yet my "me" time, I have started to mull over the topics and stories that I wanted to write about. Waiting time or idle time for me is when riding an LRT, on a jeepney, inside the car, taking a bath, while eating, while pumping, while direct feeding or just before I fall asleep. I jot down keywords into a piece of paper, notebook or type them on my cellphone for me to look back during my "me" time. I just keep my thoughts and ideas flowing at any time of the day. Moms are good at multi-tasking.

3. Challenge a Goal
Despite my busy schedule as a work-at-home mom (WAHM), I challenge myself to compose at least one blog post a week or four posts a month for now. It made me feel good and proud every time I am able to publish a blog post because I know I used up my precious time in doing it. This way, I will be sure that I find time to write even if it means being grounded at home.

4. Start it Now
Nothing will happen if I don't start it now. I would start composing even if I just have a little extra time left vacant. I don't expect to finish it in one sitting. I would continue it for days until before the week ends. I abide by this secret formula which I have learned in a leadership seminar:
Intention + Action = Results

I just started blogging last month the moment I became a WAHM. And following these four easy steps allowed me to find my passion. Blogging time is now my "me" time. If you are really passionate with blogging, you will surely make time for it. Try blogging too! It's liberating! See you! :)

Mommy Sally


  1. Yes, blogging is a great way to de-stress. Sometimes words are swirling in my head and I just need to dump them all out. I used to spend my time in Binondo when I was in high school. I miss it. Visiting from Dainty Mom. :-)