Sunday, July 28, 2013

Binondo Supermarket

Binondo is a place close to my heart. When I was still in Grade school, I usually spent my summer vacations in Binondo area. Most of my relatives live here and I have also worked here before. By the way, I didn't grew up in Binondo, I just transferred here when I got married. Somehow, it's fun to live in Binondo because the streets are narrow. You can easily tour around and go to places by foot. Fun because I can go out without the need of a car so it's economical. Many things have changed in this place since then. New malls, hotels, banks, condominiums, shops have been sprouting out left and right. And one of the few infrastructures that remained constant is this famous supermarket called Shoppers' Mart located along Ongpin Street corner E.T. Yuchengco (formerly known as Nueva St.). It has become one of the trademarks of Binondo and the usual meet-up place for people.

So far, Shoppers' Mart is the only nearest supermarket that is walking-distance from our place. You get a Chinatown-feel when you are inside because of the Chinese songs being played in the background. It is known for selling Chinese delicacies and imported goods aside from the regular commodities also found in other supermarkets.

Shopper's Mart, the famous Binondo supermarket

Last Sunday, after visiting a nearby sale as mentioned on my previous blog post, I head on to Shoppers' Mart to buy some groceries for my family. And because it was also the birthday of Baby A's yaya, I thought of surprising her with a simple grocery gift pack. My budget for that was only P100 so I challenged myself to look for some basic necessities that would fit in that amount. From there, I realized that P100 is just too small to buy her some personal care essentials. I only got seven items and the three important ones already consumed 80% of the budget. For the remaining 20%, I just bought a few snacks for her to munch and share with the other helper.

Here's what I've got: Jumbo Zest Soap P20.25, Rejoice Shampoo 3in1 16ml 6 sachets P29.50, Beam Toothpaste Active Spearmint 100ml P28.25, Regent Cheezels 30g P5.25, Oishi Prawn Cracker Sweet & Extra Hot 24g P5.25, Jack n Jill Shing-a-Ling ni Mang Juan Adobo 26g P5.50, and Jack n Jill NIPS White Choco 40g P10.25, actually it's a total of P104.25! I even went a little over the budget. The value of our money is really becoming very small. :) Then I put them inside a paper bag to make it presentable.

simple grocery gift pack for yaya's birthday. I gave them Melona too to let them try its creaminess! :)

The reason for sharing you this Binondo supermarket is because I find their goods cheaper compared to other supermarkets. One item that proves it was their Melona Korean ice cream. It sells for only P25 each. I know Metro Supermarket is selling it for P35 and it could go even higher (maybe P40) when you avail from Korean restaurants such as Kogi Bulgogi, Korean Village, etc. It's just P5 difference from the commercialized P20 Cornetto but its creaminess is worth it. So far I've tried the four flavors: Melon, Mango, Strawberry and Banana. All are yummy because they tasted just like the real fruits but Melon (green) flavor would be the best.

Shopper's Mart in Ongpin, Binondo sells Melona for only P25. Their goods are also cheaper here. :)

If ever you've decided to drop by the Binondo area and shop at Shoppers' Mart, try to visit Sto. Cristo de Longgos shrine as well. It's the small altar outside and at the right side of the supermarket along T. Pinpin Street. It's a Catholic cross but practices Buddhist's lighting of incense. I usually light three sticks every time I have the chance to pass by that area. When I was still single, I used to pray for me to find my Mr. Right and last year I prayed for my safe delivery. So far, my prayers have been granted that's why I believe in this shrine. Try it! :)

Sto. Cristo de Longgos shrine

 That's it for now. I shall tour you more around the Binondo next time. See you around folks!

Do share your Binondo experience and good finds to me too, okay?

Mommy Sally


  1. i always pass by that area in binondo.ngayon ko lang nalaman na sto. cristo de lonngos shrine ang name ng altar. thanks for the info :) are you in twitter?

    1. hi again nanaystrip, I think I followed you already in twitter. You attended the Raising Readers rin pala, I was also there. :)