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DIY Bridal Shower

I can't believe I became a mommy without having attended any bridal shower aside from my own. Recalling back, I had my bridal shower a month before my wedding and it was a surprise. They got my now-hubby to be their accomplice where my hubby made up a story that his friend was inviting us for a dinner. As we enter the private room, with lights off and only candles were lit, I was so surprised to see my friends and sisters all present and cheering upon my arrival. I was so touched for their effort and got a little teary eyed as I blow off my cake. The program that night went something like this: We shared our love story and did some ice breaker discussions while we had our dinner, then we had a couple of games, proceeded to opening of gifts in front of everyone and lastly group picture taking. As far as I can remember, the games we had were as follows: banana eating contest, designing me a wedding gown made of tissue papers, and question & answer exam for me and hubby. It was quite a simple gathering but for me it was a night to remember because it was my bridal shower and they made it just for me. I would like to thank my friends who took their time to be there at my bridal shower, to my sisters who paid for the bill and joined the fun, to my hubby for making it a surprise, and last but not the least to my best friend for organizing it.

Oct. 22, 2011 at Korean Village. My surprise bridal shower.

Now it's my best friend's turn to have a bridal shower. I haven't really organized an event aside from my own wedding. Much challenging as I haven't gone to any bridal shower thus I don't have any idea on how it's supposed to be done. I just did it my own way and here is how it went.

First off, I got from the soon-to-be bride the list of her invited guest-friends. I chose a date that is more convenient for me and that was Aug. 18 Sunday. So I privately messaged each one of them if they are free on that day for a dinner. I know I started it too late, maybe 2 weeks before, because of my very busy schedule juggling work and baby. I barely have enough time to do something for myself, to blog. I almost gave up coordinating with the people individually and to come up with a common ground. Thanks to one of her friends J who volunteered to help me out by messaging everyone thru Facebook conference to finalize the date and venue. Due to majority's choice, Aug. 18 dinner was chosen out even if her friend J herself won't be able to make it. From an almost 22 invited friends down to 11 who expressed their intention to attend, I started working on the venue, backdrop, games and giveaways. 

Come Aug. 18 Sunday, it started to rain so hard in the afternoon that one by one her friends started texting that they won't be able to make it. It was the start of Typhoon Maring. From a number of 11 down to 3 including me plus her sister, the bride-to-be, and her fiancé. We couldn't cancel the event anymore because the cake had already been made to order. The bridal shower went on despite the few turnout and we were still able to lit a smile on the bride's face. The venue was held at one of the VIP rooms of The Royale Sharksfin Seafood Restaurant, 2/F Pacific Centre Bldg. located along Quintin Paredes, Binondo. We reserved one table with a private CR inside. And here are the highlights of the DIY bridal shower.

We ordered all her favorite dishes with the help of her sister. Birthday noodles, Sweet and Sour Pork, Corn & Egg Soup, Steamed Suahe, Pat Po Chicken, Polunchay, Salt & Pepper Crab, Plain Rice and a complimentary Almond Jelly dessert. 

We had a sumptuous royal banquet at The Royale Sharksfin Seafood Restaurant.
We're complete at a head count of 4 so we told the waiters to reduce the seats from 15 to 10 to make it spacious.

At 6:45pm, group picture while waiting for the love birds to arrive.

Here's the kinky cake with its yummy marshmallow icing. I enjoyed looking and eating the cake because I didn't have it during my bridal shower.

Banana Ride 3D Marshmallow Cake by Kink Cakes.
Click! Got your wacky pose in a split second!

The happy bride-to-be with the back drop designed by yours truly.
The bride-to-be distributed the souvenirs before her sister left the venue.
Group picture with our souvenirs.

Here's a simple Do-It-Yourself giveaway which consists of sweets, a pony wire and a paper tape.

A closer look at the souvenir prepared by yours truly. :)
We told her fiancé to leave the room first as the first two games are for girls only. I had no choice but to join the games in order to form two teams. The sister went ahead as early as 9pm because of heavy rain and flooded streets. We had fun even if it was just the four of us. Thanks to the friendly waitress for being our photographer/referee/timer at that time. :)

We had three games: Underwear Relay, Massage the Eggplant, and Ice Drop Eating Contest.
Cake cutting, eating and distributing. Thanks for sharing them to us. I really enjoyed this! I love eating cakes. :)
Bride A slowly sliced her cake and transferred to Styrofoam containers for take out. Goodbye Banana Riding Girl.

Opening her gifts and got fascinated with the Premiere Earthquake thingy. Haha! :)

Gift opening. Hope you like it!

An intimate bridal shower loaded with fun and excitement.

Whew, it was quite a long night. I would like to thank her sister who volunteered to shoulder the cake and surprisingly also the bill, to her friend C for the balloons, friend A for the ice drops and most especially to her fiancé M for making a way to bring his wife-to-be to the venue. Overall, it was a successful event despite the heavy rains. That night was literally a shower, a rainy one that is!

To bride-to-be Andrea, wish you all the best not just on your wedding day but to marriage of a lifetime. Congratulations and can't wait to see you walk down the aisle with your chosen Mr. Right. Two weeks left! I bet you're excited as much as I was during my time. Just a tip for you on your big day: relax, have fun and enjoy your day! You don't need to please everyone. Tips for a happy marriage: always respect your husband, don't fuss on small things, think before you speak, never assume, communicate openly, and lastly help save up for the family's future. These are based on my personal experiences. Good luck and welcome to another chapter of your life: the married life!

To my mommy readers, how was your bridal shower? Care to share your personal advice for soon-to-be married couples? Feel free to share it with me in the comments. Cheers! :)

Mommy Sally

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