Friday, August 9, 2013

Superbook Returns

The first time I encountered the word Superbook was from Mommy G who have attended the launching last May 25, 2013. It didn't ring a bell on me as I didn't know what it was in the first place. I even thought that it was something about books. But because of the frequent announcements that kept appearing on my Facebook wall, I began to get curious thus started reading about it. I learned that it was a TV series for kids that talks about Bible stories. And the first episode was aired last June 1 Saturday.

To those who are not familiar with Superbook, just like me, I've done the research for you. First of all, Superbook is a registered trademark of The Christian Broadcasting Network Inc. or CBN. As lifted from their website, here's an excerpt:
Comparison from before 2D and now 3D graphics of Superbook.
"Superbook is an animated series born out of CBN's desire to promote the Bible to the Japanese public. Early research determined that the best way to promote interest in the Bible to Japanese children would be through popular genres of animation and comic books.
The success of Superbook in Japan, in terms of high audience ratings and increased sales of Bibles, convinced CBN to have the series dubbed into English and marketed outside of Japan.
Since 1983, the Superbook animated series has been dubbed into over 40 languages and broadcasted in well over 80 countries and has impacted the lives of thousands of people throughout the world. Superbook's success has gone way beyond the scope of what CBN had originally hoped for it and it continues to touch lives on broadcasts throughout the world today.
Because of today's new storytelling technology, the original series' timeless message is being reimagined for this media savvy generation. The goal is to produce a new series that will honor the life-changing legacy of the original series and re-introduce it to a new generation.
Visually cutting-edge and written with modern-day kids going through modern-day dilemmas, the new Superbook animated series still aims to get kids excited about the Bible. This is keeping with CBN's vision of strengthening Bible literacy, bringing the gift of the Bible to the children of the world."
And that's the reason why I haven't heard about Superbook -- because I was not yet born when the original series was aired on TV. After having seen some portions of the previous episodes, I would highly recommend kids to watch Superbook because not only does it retell some famous Bible stories in an appealing 3D cartoon animation but it is also presented in such a way that children can easily relate to. It's a story within a story that teaches Christian values to kids which they can apply in their day to day activities. There's always a moral lesson by the end of an episode. Plus, The Salvation Poem played at the end of each episode really gave me an LSS (last song syndrome). It's so fun to sing-along and the message is also nice. 

The lyrics of The Salvation Poem.

I am grateful to be invited to grace their recently concluded event: Superbook Bida ng Pagbabago Roadshow held last Aug. 4, 2013 Sunday at Robinson's Place Midtown in Malate with Superbook Agent Bettinna Carlos as their host.

Audience and set-up at the Robinson's Midtown from escalator's view.

The event's highlights were as follows:
1. Trivia questions with multiple choice about Superbook's past episodes.

The answer for this trivia question was Isaac.
2. Superbook dance showdown

I love the Superbook's dance steps. I wonder what the title of this Superbook song is.

3. Film showing of Episode 9 "Miracles of Jesus"

All eyes were on the screen as they watch the short film on Miracles of Jesus.

4. Puppet and magic show by Zam - all kids were entertained and really had a good laugh on Zam's magic shows and comedy.

My baby's yaya was called up stage to act as puppet.

5. Go Fish! game - where it teaches kids to help one another, rain or shine.

Each group should transport their team mates one at a time while holding an umbrella and binded by a string.

6. Project E6:1 game - where it teaches kids to listen to their parents as mentioned in Ephesians 6:1

Parent and kid team. Kids were blind-folded while they grab for the colored balls in the tub as guided by their parents.

7. Bida ng Pagbabago pledge - led by Superbook Agents Bettinna Carlos and Benjamin Alves to challenge the kids to be Heroes of Change in their communities

Kids and their parents were told to stand up, place right hand on the chest and recite the pledge after them.
8. And lastly, photo op with Gizmo the robot

Superbook Agent Bettinna Carlos and her cute daughter Gummy with Gizmo.

The kids there really enjoyed and loved Superbook. They are certified Batang Superbook!

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Don't forget to watch tomorrow's (Aug. 10) Episode 11: He Is Risen.
Superbook is showing every Saturdays and Sundays 7:30-8:00 am only in GMA 7.
Enjoy and have fun with your weekends!

Superbook Season 1 has 13 episodes.

Mommy Sally

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  1. I really love Superbook! I had watched this show when I was a child and I learned so many good things and values from the story it presented. It's all about bible stories with Chris and Joy having an adventure back in the old times. I thank the CBN for making a great effort to bring back the old TV show in a new form that helps in spreading the Bible Stories to the children of the world! I feel blessed for being able watch this during my childhood days and because of that I grew up to be a good Christian!