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Learn, Laugh, Love with Hobbes and Landes

Everytime I mention the store Hobbes and Landes to my family or to some of my friends, I would either get a question-mark look, a blank stare or these kind of remarks like:

"Huh? What's that?"
"Ah, they are selling lands, real estate?"
"Calvin and Hobbes?"
"Ah that toy store?"

Apart from those comments, some would get the name incorrectly such as "hobbies and lanes". What a foreign sounding store it is. Way back in 2008, it was my hubby who first introduced and brought me to this store. He loves to window-shop at novelty stores where hard-to-find items can be found. As a family when I was a child, we don't used to shop in high end malls because it's so far from our place and my mom had a notion that everything is so expensive. That's why when I was growing up, I am not familiar with the malls. I only learned to shop through the influence of my friends and on the few occasions that somebody would invite me to hang-out or dine-out.

Anyway, I want to give you a walk through of Hobbes and Landes because I find it so extraordinary. First of all, the store name is pronounced as "hubbs and lands". It is not just an ordinary toy store for kids but a specialty lifestyle store for the whole family. If you are looking for unique finds, rare novelty items, imported and quality products, wholesome and educational toys, Hobbes and Landes is the place to go. The store is subdivided into different departments to cater to different interests.

The different pavilions or departments of Hobbes and Landes as seen from the street-like post by the hall way.

They have:
1. Build City - for constructing or building toys, puzzles
2. Journeys - for novelty items, home & living, souvenir items
3. Noah - for babies, toddlers, kids toys and childcare necessities
4. Handworks - for arts & crafts
5. Petropolis - for your pet needs particularly dog food, toys, necessities
6. Exploratorium - for science, experiments, learning products
7. Boardwalk - for board games, card games, classic games
8. Wishbone - for pet grooming and veterinary service
9. Collectibles - for collectors

To give you a better appreciation of Hobbes and Landes, here's a walk through on the different products they offer.

They have a wide array of LEGO themed sets and products.

They have various Playmobil themed sets and miniature dioramas.

They have jigsaw puzzles such as Educa, Heye. Here you can find the World's largest 24000-pc Educa puzzle! Wow!


Schleich collectible figures that look realistic. Meet the Giant Panda here!
Some of their baby products are Combi, Bugaboo, TOLO.

They have Janod kids puzzles, Djeco wall stickers, Sculpey clays and many others.

They have Fred & Friends and Artori quirky gift items. These products are so interesting to look at.

Sugarpova candies for kids and young at heart. There's a Hello Kitty too!

They have various globes, Dunecraft plant kits, science experiment kits and 4D body parts to enhance one's learning.

For astronomy enthusiasts, you can easily grab a hold of authentic meteorites here. Cool!

For fashion trendsetters, try these cute bracelet charms. They have lots of interesting designs to choose from.

They have Mimobot USBs in famous character designs that you can collect.

They have educational games and strategy board games for all ages.

They have a big selection for dog owners. Aside from dog leashes,
they even have dog diapers, dog water dispenser, dog boots and more.

They also have shampoo and cologne branded after their grooming station Wishbone.

This is their flagship store, located in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig.

How did you find the store? Full of interesting and never-been-heard products right? Yes, that's what they are known for. Famous brands from different parts of the world are showcased inside one big roof. If you can't easily fly out of the country, you may just opt to visit Hobbes and Landes. It would surely make your shopping experience exciting and memorable.

I would like to share with you my own experience with Hobbes and Landes through the series of photos below.


My nieces enjoyed building their tallest tower with the use of LEGO Duplo.
It encourages interaction and cooperation with each other.


My friends and I had a good laugh playing board games such as Taboo.
It's one way to bond, socialize and sharpen our minds through play.


Baby's first encounter with a Playmobil mascot.

My small Playmobil collection. I find the figures so cute and visually appealing.
It has round corners and smooth edges so it's really safe. Can't wait for baby to play with this when she's big enough.
Great for storytelling and role-playing.

Here's our Schleich collection. I bought these as a surprise to hubby because he loves everything about dinosaurs.

We introduced baby to dinosaurs and glad that she is not afraid of them. Haha! :)

And lastly, I bought baby a TOLO monkey to go along with the Five Little Monkeys story book that we always read to her.
I love the quality and features of this monkey toy because it not only makes a clicking sound when the arms/head/tail are turned but also a squeaking sound when the feet are pressed just like jumping. :)

Buying at Hobbes and Landes makes every cents of your money worth it because you are assured of the quality. The value of money is there because you know that the items you bought would last long where you could pass them to your succeeding kids or even the next generation. Although I haven't tried it yet but I believe in their products.

Let's get back to the basics - the real toys, actual board games because it's where learning is at its best. Many skills can be honed such as social skills, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, analytical & problem solving skills, personal interaction and more.

I hope you are able to get a good glimpse of what Hobbes and Landes is all about. And guess what, they have an ongoing pre-holiday sale until October 20, 2013 only so better hurry and do your early Christmas shopping now! :)

Let's learn, laugh, and love with Hobbes and Landes here:
Facebook: Hobbes and Landes
Twitter: @hobbesandlandes
Instagram: @hobbesandlandes

How's your experience with Hobbes and Landes? What part of the store do you find interesting? Share with me in the comments below.

Mommy Sally

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