Sunday, September 8, 2013

SimpleLine Binondo + Giveaway

Have you read my post on Binondo's Hidden Finest? This post is an expounded version of one of the food establishments in my list, SimpleLine Binondo. If it weren't for that challenge, I might not be able to discover this tea house.
One of the things that I love about SimpleLine is that their drinks are priced way lower than other famous tea place. To be honest, I'm not a milk tea fanatic and I seldom order drinks when I dine outside. I'd rather spend the few bucks for food. Because of that, I don't have the credibility to compare in terms of their taste, flavors offered and service. I just drink just for the sake of trying out on what is being crazed about. The few times that I would order is maybe if there's a meet-up or I just want to reward myself. Do you find me weird? I'm just being practical. Haha! :)  
Anyway, when I tried their drink for the first time, it was simply refreshing especially because I was tired and thirsty coming from a long walk. It made me easily full as well that's why it's not advisable to drink before meal time. The best time to drink is during a hot weather, or you just want a boost of energy or get back to your alertness or simply as a dessert alternative.
So if you happen to be in Binondo area, drop by SimpleLine Tytana and enjoy a cup of milk tea while strolling around. The place is very accessible as it is just few steps away from Binondo Church, or from Ongpin if ever you will visit Eng Bee Tin for the giant mooncake or do your food tripping.
Just to give you a short background about SimpleLine Tytana branch. First of all they are a franchised store. They started operation last Dec. 2011. SimpleLine is a local brand owned by a Taiwanese and a local Chinese couple who envisioned bringing Taiwan's tea-drinking lifestyle to the Philippines because of its health benefits. Their goal is to provide quality and healthy drinks at affordable prices. They don't use artificial ingredients. They try to provide the best customer service through quick service and consistency.
To help you decide on what to order, below is a list of their Best Sellers.

Milk Tea:
1. Caramel Tapioca Black Milk Tea
2. Winter Melon Oolong Milk Tea
3. Caramel Coffee Konjac Oolong Milk Tea
4. Coconut Jelly Oolong Milk Tea
5. Herbal Jelly Green Milk Tea

Fruit Flavored Tea:
1. Blueberry Black/Green Tea
2. Honey Lemon Black/Green Tea
3. Lychee Black/Green Tea
4. Yogurt Black/Green Tea
5. Passion Fruit Black/Green Tea

Menu on the wall.
Additional signages by the counter: Add-ons and Sweetness Level.

I was actually confused with so many versions of their menu or I'm just not used to ordering milk tea. But below is a more structured and easy-to-understand list of their menu where it is categorized by the kind of tea and also the add-ons are separated. Do remember to choose your sweetness level.

More structured and easy-to-understand SimpleLine Menu.

SimpleLine staffs and counter. The place is neat and clean.
I would like to thank friend A, the owner of this franchised store, for allowing me to have complimentary drinks to further appreciate their line of milk tea. They gave me not just one cup but three so I called friend K to help me with the taste test. I took them home so my hubby could also taste them. I even poured a little for my helpers to have a taste. Of course, share my blessing. :)
The three drinks were as follows:
1. Caremel Black Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly + Coconut Jelly + Aloe Vera medium size (costs P70)
2. Winter Melon Oolong Milk Tea with Coffee Konjac + Red Beans medium size (costs P90)
3. Melon Black Milk Tea large size (costs P70)
Those add-ons where just my preference because I wanted to try all of them as I never had the chance to try them from other tea places because of the additional fee. The usual add-on is the Tapioca (black sago) so I didn't include it anymore.
The Verdict:
In terms of the add-ons, I preferred the Herbal Jelly better because it tastes like grass jelly pudding.
In terms of the overall drink, I preferred the Melon Black Milk Tea even without any add-ons because I just love melon drinks. It's fruity and smells sweet. It satisfied my sweet tooth. :)
My friend K preferred the first drink because it's not that sweet and she said maybe because of the unusual combination of add-ons. She is a milk tea lover so she had tried majority of the tea places.
If you are a coffee-lover, I suggest you add Coffee Konjac. The second drink had a strong taste of coffee that's why it's not my type. My hubby and the helpers loved it because they are coffee-drinkers.
In the end, my only comment is that different people have a different taste preference. And also the add-ons can affect the overall taste and smell of the tea. So follow your taste buds and mood of the day. Brand doesn't matter as long as you know that the ingredients and preparation is of quality. :)

Try their newest flavor: Melon Black Milk Tea. So yummy sweet!
100% freshly brewed tea leaves from Taiwan. Health benefits of Tea.
SimpleLine tables and chairs for sit-down customers. Can accommodate around 15 pax.

SimpleLine Tytana branch in Binondo

They offer free delivery service around Binondo for orders of 5 cups and more.
Here's a map to SimpleLine Tytana. It's located in the heart of Chinatown. It's very near to Lucky Chinatown Mall.

I left a note on their message board: "The Binondo Mommy was here."

I know you have been waiting for the giveaway part. Friend A is very generous to give away three (3) P100 SimpleLine gift certificates and I have decided to share it to three (3) lucky winners. The mechanics is very simple. You just need to follow the Rafflecopter widget below by reading and clicking.

This contest will run for a short period of one week, from Sept. 8 to Sept. 14, 2013 so you can still visit Binondo just before Moon Cake Day. Just a reminder that the gift certificates can be claimed and redeemed only at SimpleLine Tytana Binondo branch. I will announce the winners within the day of September 15, 2013. Good luck and have fun!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Updated 09-15-13 6pm: Congratulations to my SimpleLine Giveaway Winners! Kindly message me at The Binondo Mommy's fan page and comments section below to confirm that you have read this. I will pick another winner if you won't be able to reply within 24 hours. Thank you for joining everyone! :)

611 V. Tytana St., Plaza Lorenzo, Binondo, Manila
Contact number: 0923-6134235 or 354-5272
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 8pm

Mommy Sally

P.S. Happy Birthday Mama Mary! Happy 9th Monthsary to my Baby A! :)


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