Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Twenty Nine Things About Myself

For Bebengisms Birthday Cyber Party

It's quite challenging for me to start a conversation with people because I find it difficult to introduce myself but I love to meet new friends. I want to be sociable. I can better express myself through writing than speaking impromptu. So when I saw a blog post from Bebengisms, calling the participants to write 29 things about ourselves, I've thought that this would be a good chance to take time to re-think about myself and how I want people to know about me. And also just right in time, The Binondo Mommy blog just turned 3 months old last Sunday so I'm qualified to join. Yey!

But why 29 things not 30 or 28? Because Ms. Denise Rayala, the "queen" behind the mommy blog Bebengisms just turned 29 years old last week. Wow I didn't know she's almost just my age, only one year ahead of me. Happy Birthday Mommy Denise! Hope you could also join my two ongoing giveaways. Hehe. :)

So let's start the ball rolling.

1. I am a mom to my 9 months old exclusively breastfed baby.
2. I pump 3x a day and can yield 10-15oz a day because I direct feed my baby at night.
3. I stand 5'2" tall, weigh around 120lbs. and still with lots of stretch marks and flubby belly.
4. I hated my thin hair or falling hair because I can't do any styling, perming or hair dyeing and it comes in expensive prices just to style the hair.
5. I rarely wear a make-up or be on the fashion sense because it's time-consuming or maybe as my self-defense. I would rather wear simply because I'm used to commuting.
6. I love Italian dishes, ice creams, chocolates, cakes, mangoes, Thai tamarind. I love eating junk food such as chips, peanuts, sweets. A total opposite to my hubby.
7. I am the youngest among four siblings with an age gap of 12 years with my brother, 11 with my sister and 7 with my other sister. I can say that we have a generation gap that's why we can't relate to each other well. Therefore, I don't have a sibling who I can consider as super buddy. I was their baby but I'm not spoiled.
8. I am always different from my three siblings. They are bookworms and I am not. If I am slim, they are not.
9. I didn't have a father-figure while I was growing up because our dad passed away when I was 14 years old (Grade 6), 14 years ago.
10. I started commuting by myself at age 14 just when I stepped into high school because no one would drive me. Most of the time, I would hitch a ride from my friends just so I could attend a gathering.
11. I was a CAT officer for two years in high school. And because I went to a 6-week Taiwan study tour before my graduating year, I wasn't able to attend the CAT summer training thus I graduated just a member.
12. I graduated from DLSU-M with a course on Entrepreneurship but I haven't used it yet but hoping soon.
13. I loved and got addicted in watching Chinese series when I was in high school and Korean series when I was in college especially if it's heavy drama. I could even watch straight until the sun is up. But now, I never had any time to watch TV or movie series since the time I got married or had a baby. It was difficult managing a household/family. I missed being single when all I need to do is work, eat and sleep without anything to worry about. That's how a mom's life is.
14. My hubby was my first and last boyfriend. I just met him in a choir group in Liberty Hall 6 years ago and we got married 2 years ago. He spent 9 long months courting me.
15. I don't know how to cook or bake but I want to learn if there's an opportunity. But we were able to survive cooking or preparing simple meals for 11 months after we got married. From the time we got a maid just 2 month before I gave birth, I wasn't able to practice my cooking skills anymore.
16. I took driving lessons twice since 10 years ago but until now I am not yet driving because we don't have a reliable car, only second hand. I really want to drive!
17. I took photography classes, twice from FPPF and once from Jo Avila, 4-5 years ago. I'm still using my outdated Canon 450D from 4 years ago because I haven't had the budget to upgrade. I can't even buy a new digital camera since the time my 4-year old Canon 950IS was broken last year during my baby shower. I'm using my hubby's bulky Canon Power Shot D10 for the moment.
18. I love attending seminars and work on improving myself and my skills but because of budget-constraint I can't attend all of them. I was a PSI (Purposeful Stewardship Institute) Basic and Starshooters graduate and a CC in Toastmasters International. Now I am working on becoming a breastfeeding peer counselor to help other mommies out there.
19. I have a dream to tour around the world. So far I have only gone to the following few countries: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. And the last time was still 2 years ago when I was still single. I can't wait to go out. Out of country or out of town, even just a trip to Tagaytay, I would be happy already. I really want to breathe some fresh air and unwind.
20. I am always busy, cramming and doing so many things that I don't have the time to rest and have a quiet moment for myself.
21. I would always bring my camera with me because I don't have a high tech phone. And I enjoy documenting and organizing things.
22. I love to take pictures with celebrities, big-time and accomplished people. I am easily star-struck.
23. I am a peace-loving person. I don't usually get angry or start an argument because I don't want people to hate me. I just keep it to myself and cry it out at home or to my hubby.
24. I am almost always the last to have the latest gadget that everyone had been crazing about. I still don't have a smart phone or even a touch screen phone. And I am still using my Nokia E63 from 4 years ago. I am very careful with my things.
25. My mobile number is still the same ever since I got a mobile phone, around some 12 years ago, without replicating it.
26. I am very keen to details, can be considered as OC or perfectionist at times. I can easily spot typographical errors or grammatically incorrect sentences. But if you found some errors on my writing, please feel free to message me. I would really appreciate it.
27. I am good at hunting bargain items, negotiating in Divisoria, going to sale events especially the first 2-hour on a 3-day SM sale. I always see to it that a certain item is worth my money before I buy. I am leaning towards practicality.
28. I am currently a work-at-home mom and loving it because I can always check on baby anytime.
29. And lastly, I like to join credible online giveaways and contests because I love gifts and surprises which my hubby can't provide that's why I need to get it my own way.

Whew! That was one long list! It squeezed my brain out. Hope these were enough to start a conversation with you, my readers.

Don't hesitate to leave me a comment below if you want to chat with me. Okay let's make it this way, introduce yourself by writing 5 things about yourself so I can get to know you too. Have fun! :)

Mommy Sally


  1. Thanks for joining, Sally! #9: same here, I don't have a dad na. :( #15: check my blog for recipes! Hihi. #shameless plugging ♥

    1. Thank you Denise! I actually followed your Pastillas recipe and did it just last night with the calamansi zest! haha :)

  2. great job writing this, proud to say that i know all these info about you, friends forever :)

    1. Thanks Kat for reading through this very long list. I appreciate your support on my blog. :) Friends Forever Sis!