Sunday, January 12, 2014

Just Thai at the Prism Plaza

Last July 23, 2013, I received a surprise email from Ms. Sumi of The Purple Doll congratulating me for winning a P2,000-worth of Gift Certificates from Just Thai. I've actually almost forgotten that I've joined her blog giveaway a month ago that's why I was surprised. I was supposed to treat my family for my birthday last year using these GCs but because their branch in Prism Plaza is closed during Sundays, we didn't pushed thru. If you want to know how I celebrated my birthday last year, you can read my blog about it here.

I've just decided to treat my hubby instead even without any occasion since we haven't been going out as often as when we were still dating back then. This served as our time to unwind and relax with only the two of us.

We went to Just Thai last Sept. 11, 2013 to claim for my GCs and at the same time decided to use them all at once that day because we don't frequent that place.

P2,000 Just Thai Gift Certificates won from The Purple Doll blog giveaway.

Here's Just Thai's menu. For me, it's quite pricey though.

Just Thai menu

Here are the dishes we ordered. We were very careful not to go over the GC budget. We started our dinner with this salad. I almost forgot how it tasted but I'm not a fan of salad or veggies.

Thai Beef Salad - seared and marinated beef is served atop crisp lettuce and cucumbers. P350

Of course we also ordered Thai's famous soup, Tom Yum. I always loved its hot & spicy taste. It helped perk up our appetite for the succeeding dishes.

Tom Yum / Hot and Sour favorite Thai Soup - basic broth is made of stock and fresh ingredients imported from Thailand. P190

For our meat viands, we ordered 2 dishes, chicken and pork in two different sauces. Actually the price is quite expensive for 4 sticks of sate chicken strips. They can still improve on the presentation especially on the side veggies.

Gai Sate / Chicken Sate - tender slices of skewered chicken marinated in curried coconut milk, served with peanut sauce. P290

I also find this grilled pork order not worth the price because the edible meat parts were minimal, most of the parts were fats. It's the liempo version of Thailand, difference is the tamarind sauce.

Moo Sam Chan Yang - grilled pork with tamarind sauce. P290
We ordered two bowls of plain rice to go with the flavorful viands.

Steamed Pandan Rice. P60

I couldn't wait for the dessert, my most favorite part of any meal. This one's yummy! I think it's my first time to try this kind of dessert.

Tha Kho - coconut pudding wrapped in pandan leaves. P140

I love their tamarind juice, uniquely quenching!

Tamarind Juice. P80

Here's the breakdown of what we ordered:
1. Thai Beef Salad - P350
2. Tom Yum Soup - P190
3. Chicken Sate w/ Peanut Sauce - P290
4. Grilled Pork w/ Tamarind Sauce - P290
5. Steamed Pandan Rice P60 x 2 - P120
6. Coconut Pudding - P140
7. Tamarind Juice - P80
8. Coke (for my hubby) - P80
9. Pad Thai Rice Noodles (take-out) - P280
    Total bill - P1,820
    Plus: 10% service charge
    Total Amount - P2,002 and we ordered just right!

For only two people, P2,000 is just too much. We just finished dining like a king and queen. We added one more dish Pad Thai for take out just so we could fully maximize the GCs. We went home so full and satisfied.

The final bill, just the right amount to consume all the GCs!

Let me show you around Just Thai's ambiance. Quite romantic, fit for a dinner date.

Just Thai, Prism Plaza branch's dining set-up and accent.

Here's Just Thai's logo at the entrance.

Thumbs up! Thanks for the yummy treat The Purple Doll and Just Thai! :)

Just Thai currently has three branches and we went to Prism Plaza coz it's the nearest from our home. It's at the 4th level of Two E-Com Center, near SM Mall of Asia. I didn't know there are lots of restaurants here. It's also my first time to go to this place. I initially thought that the restaurant is inside SM Moa. It's more of a corporate or office place.

Two E-com Center, Prism Plaza

Just Thai
Branches: Burgos Circle in Fort, Molito Lifestyle Center in Alabang, and Prism Plaza in MOA

Prism Plaza Branch:
4th level, Prism Plaza, Two E-com Center
Bayshore Ave. corner Harbor Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay
Phone Number: 519-8135
Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 10am to 2pm (lunch) and 6pm to 10pm (dinner)
Facebook: Just Thai

Latest update: Prism Plaza had been closed since December 2013.

Mommy Sally


  1. hmmm, interesting. i've tried thai once but my mom ordered the food so i didn't really get to explore. it was a bit sweet which is not something I'd choose. maybe my hubby would be up to try it one more time. thanks for sharing...will look up Just Thai. :)

    1. I heard their Prism Plaza is closing down or close already so better try their other branches instead. Tom Yum is the best soup! :)

  2. I've been meaning to try the food at Just Thai in Molito, but just never got around to it. After reading your post, I think I wanna go ahead and visit their branch. I think that's a lot of food for P2000, worth it na if you end up satisfied with the meal.

    1. Yup we're satisfied naman. Sayang lang coz only the two of us ate everything. Too bad, wasn't able to invite more people to eat with us. The more the merrier. :)