Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pictorial at The Ruffles Studio

Happy New Year to my dear readers!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the super late post on baby's 1st birthday suppliers. Let me recall and share them with you so that you will have an option if ever you will need them someday.

Last October 28, 2013, a declared special non-working holiday due to barangay elections, we had our pictorial at The Ruffles Studio's place in Fairview. For the first time, we were not able to exercise our right to vote. I know the studio was very far from our place but why did I still choose them?

I have done my research on numerous baby photographers. I have even inquired from the famous ones such as The Stork Studio, Luxe Photography, Stanley Ong Photography, Leny Cruzado, Jo Lim Portraits, Baby Love Studio just so I have an idea of the standard rates but unfortunately the rates didn't fit my budget as they are all beyond P3,000. My hubby doesn't like doing pictorial sessions that's why I did the decision and planning by myself. I just told hubby to block off the date and just go with me which he did.

Here's the link to The Ruffles Studio's rates as of 2013:

We got Package C: Pre-Birthday Session with a "Smash the Cake" theme at P3,000 and here are the inclusions:
- rate applies to studio sessions
- photographer's time and  talent for up to two hours
- 35 hi-res files, all enhanced/edited, stored in a CD (selected by the photographer)
- 3 set-ups or outfit changes for portraits
- 1 set-up for the smash the cake theme
- 3 8x10 prints (to be chosen by the photographer)
- cake should be provided by the client

If I want to get all the good unedited shots approximately 200 shots, they are offering a buy-out option at an additional P1,500 only which I didn't since I don't want to increase my expenses anymore. Good thing is that they will be archiving the unedited shots for 12 months so I can still purchase them if I want it next time.

Their studio is located in Cielito Homes, ten minutes away from SM Fairview. The Ruffles Studio is operated by Ms. Mary Clutario who is the mommy photographer with the help of her husband Mr. Mario. Her husband waited us at SM Fairview in a taxi and we convoyed going to their studio.

Here's a photo of the studio from the outside view. The middle entrance is the studio.

They have lots of props, tutus, headbands, necklaces to choose from.

Here is The Ruffles Studio couple Mario and Mary Clutario.
Picture picture while they set-up the backdrop.

1st set-up: all red. I said I want a family portrait and so here it is.

This is part of the 1st set-up since same outfit. I requested to have a solo shot of baby.

2nd set-up: white dress.

I also used this in baby's 1st birthday invitation card. I'm glad they've captured baby's beautiful smiles.

3rd set-up: floral dress. They have lots of backdrops/wallpapers to choose from.

4th set-up: smash the cake in pink dress. Their wallpaper can also be used as flooring. Cake by Sisters' Sweetness.

Overall, their service was good. The couple was able to entertain baby and got to capture her smiling pose. They even allowed my baby to take a nap in the middle of the pictorial and waited for her to wake up before they continued the photo session. We actually spent more than the allotted 2 hours which they didn't mind. They really value customer satisfaction and professionalism. I was also quite impressed on how they set-up the backdrop with the use of the Playmobil minifigures that I brought as props, indeed they have an eye for creativity. I am also very thankful for granting my request to waive the delivery fee of P50 for the prints/CD and also for adding 10 edited photos to the standard 35 making it a total of 45. They were able to deliver the prints in less than 3 weeks as promised. 

That being said, I would like to invite you to check out their Facebook page at The Ruffles Studio or reach them through the contact details below. You may look for Ms. Mary Clutario. And if you are a supplier for headbands, dress, props or anything that you think they would need in their studio, you might want to partner with them instead.

The Ruffles Studio's calling card.

If you are interested with the cake supplier, you may read my previous post here.

Preserve your youthfulness, enjoy your pictorials!

Before I end, I would like to extend my big appreciation to my sister for lending us a car and driver that day which allowed my hubby to relax during the long trip. I would also like to thank my SIL for the red dress, for my 6th grand uncle for the white dress, for Sam & Mike for the green dress during my baby shower and Beth for the pink dress, also during my baby shower. Hopefully next time we could also have a chance to try the other well-known baby photographers because I love pictorials so much.

Note: Baby was 10 months going 11 months at the time of pictorial.

Mommy Sally


  1. Nice photos, Sally! You made me consider them when we have our family portrait in the coming months. How much is their rate, rough estimate?

    1. Hi Mommy Glaiza, thanks for dropping by! You can check out their rates at this link: Try them! They're creative and easy to talk with! :)

  2. nice photos..! So cute smile..