Thursday, January 23, 2014

Teacher Yaya: A Workshop

I am very fortunate for being able to stay at home most of the time while keeping my job. I chose to work at home in order to fully breastfeed my baby. However, although I am just at home most of the time, I can't look after my baby-now-a-toddler 100% because I have to finish my work for the day. Therefore, we really need to have a yaya to assist me. 
The role of yaya is very crucial because she must act like a second mommy who would always keep an eye wherever baby goes and whatever baby does especially now that baby is learning to walk. I need yaya to assist me in putting baby to sleep, to bathe her, to cook her food, to do baby's laundry and play with her. What I do mostly is breastfeed baby when baby demands for milk and to oversee and look after yaya with baby once in a while. I have tried instructing yaya to read books to baby or teach her to play stacking and sorting toys but to no avail. Worst is that yaya would always open the TV for baby to stay put. That's actually my biggest problem with yaya. I would catch up by reading baby a book and focus on teaching her some skills as soon as I finish my work or before going to sleep.

Thankfully, there's a seminar that came so timely and hopefully would solve my current dilemma. I'm inviting you to this workshop organized by The Learning Basket.

Teacher Yaya: A Workshop 
Date: February 15, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Venue: Medela House (#21 First Street, New Manila, Quezon City)
Learning Fee: P500 (Inclusive of Hand-outs, Snacks and Certificate of Attendance)

This is actually their second-run because it is a much-requested workshop for mommy's assistant, your baby's yaya/nannies. Why do you need to bring them here?

Because sometimes, it is easier to hear the following from somebody other than one's employer/boss:
  • Yaya’s special role in your child's life 
  • How to understand your child’s actions and not think that he is “naughty”
  • How to respond to their alaga
  • Why TV and tablets are not good for kids below three (3) years old
  • Why and how to play with their alaga depending on age

This workshop would tackle the following:
  • The importance of yaya's job
  • A more positive way of looking at the children under her care
  • A more informed way of caring for your children
To register, please go to this link.

We are our child's first and best teacher...
and Yaya is our assistant! 

Come and let's attend! Please feel free to invite your mommy friends too!

Mommy Sally


  1. I have no yaya but I would love to go there =)

  2. I am really hoping I don't have to bring my new yaya there since she is my achie's yaya for 7 years. She will arrive tomorrow. Wish! Wish!

    1. Congrats Edel, at least the transition of getting a yaya was fast. Let's try to attend. Your achi's yaya might not be updated with the modern ways, haha! :)