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A Trip to Philippine Science Centrum + Giveaway

Since the time I learned that my then-boyfriend-now-hubby's favorite topics were science and history, I made it a point that going museum-hopping would be our common hang-out activity together just so I can relate to him and have something to talk about. I personally enjoy this type of activity too because I thirst for knowledge and exposure. Maybe because I didn't had enough educational field trips when I was growing up. And because of that, I promise myself to bring my child to these places and let her explore while she is still at a very young age.

Last November 2013, I won two tickets to Philippine Science Centrum from Manila Workshops through Moomy Musings blog. I happily told my hubby about it but he was not as excited as I was because he had been there before several times. He actually knew some of the people behind that museum because my hubby had previously dealt with them. But nevertheless, hubby agreed to accompany us. Yipee!

We went to Philippine Science Centrum last Dec.14, 2013 with Baby A and our two helpers. We gave the two helpers my free tickets while the three of us (hubby, baby and me) went in for free. 

Thank you for the souvenir.


Did you know that Philippine Science Centrum (PSC) had been in operation since 1990? Happy 24th Anniversary!

Led by Engr. Ceferino Follosco, the museum's main objective is to uplift the Science and Technology education in our country by providing a venue where these concepts can be presented in an entertaining, experimental and interactive workshops easily understood by laymen and children. 

To know more about them, you can read the 'About Us' page from their website by clicking here


PSC currently has twelve (12) Galleries namely:
1. Electricity and Magnetism
2. Vision and Perception
3. Earth Science
4. Liquids
5. Bodyworks
6. Mathematics
7. Infectious Disease
8. Kids' World
9. Space
10. Lights
11. Mechanics
12. Distorted Room

Let me walk you through this science museum using some of the pictures we took.

Vision and Perception

Accompanied by a museum guide, our first stop was the Anti-Gravity Mirror. This was so cool. Although it looked simple, but for a kid this would seem like a magic for them.

I'm flying, weee! And I'm sexy, yeah!

Head on a Platter

Love this trick! Haha!

Wonder House

We went inside excitedly but went out feeling dizzy. Wonder why? Enter and you shall find out why!

Then the museum guide assisted us to this Human Gyro Ride wherein I volunteered to take a ride. Gyro comes from the word gyroscope which refers to a wheel that spins quickly and is held in a frame that allows to tilt in any direction.

All buckled up! Let's go!

Here's a 1-minute video of me while inside the gyro. It was not that easy and relaxing as it seems. It was one heck of a ride, imagine your whole body being turned upside down.

An overall view of the Space Gallery.

Want to check out Your Weight in Other Planets? Step on this weighing scale and see how heavy or light you are in other planets.

Checking baby's and my weight. I find this somewhat inaccurate because baby is only 5kg while me only 51kg?!

Want to be an astronaut? Try this I Am Astronaut exhibit!

Here's my baby astronaut.

Hmm, this astronaut suit looks good on me! Haha!
 Electricity and Magnetism

Van de Graaff or famously known as the Static Ball

Hold onto the ball and see your hair electrified!


Colored Shadow

Baby with her magenta colored shadow.

Distorted Room

Become a giant and a dwarf in an instant by merely switching places inside the room.

Kids' World

We had so much fun inside the kids' world! I'm back to being a child!

Earth Science

Feel the Shake - simulation of the different earthquake intensities

I love this simulation! It really gives you that earthquake shake.

 Wood Sample

Check out the different types of wood by touching the actual sample.

Carbon Footprint

Check out the amount of Carbon Dioxide per Kilowatt hour of the different appliance you use at home.

Infectious Disease

Why Get Vaccinated


Sympathetic Swing
Action and Reaction
We enjoyed these common playground rides: swing, seesaw.


Watch Me Pedal

I enjoyed watching the skeleton imitate my pedal movements.

Come Race With Me

Me and hubby had so much fun running and trying to beat Elma Muros' record of 10 meter dash in 1.2 seconds. Wow!


Ring Bubbles

Look at my hubby playing with giant bubbles! Haha!

Meralco All-Electric Energy Efficient Model Home

Learn how much electricity each appliance in the house consumes.

Here's the museum entrance and ticket booth. People came in when we're about to go. Lucky us, we soloed the museum!

Here's their mini souvenir shop.

Picture with Ms. Karen Cantos of the Philippine Science Centrum's Marketing and Promotions Team.

My Sentiments

All I can say is that Science Is so much Fun here at the Philippine Science Centrum. I told my hubby that I like it better here because the exhibits were more interactive and hands-on. Despite its old-looking facilities and infrastructure, you won't get bored inside because you really get to try the exhibits personally and experience it first hand. I got more Aha! moments because there are a lot of exhibits to tinker around. Experiential learning is the best way to appreciate and understand the logic behind science.

My favorite exhibits so far were: Head on a Platter, Wonder House, Van De Graaff, Distorted Room, Kids' World, Feel the Shake, Come Race With Me. Actually, I wasn't able to finish the whole museum maybe because I know that I will be back soon, when baby can already appreciate. Lastly, what I love most is that the entrance fee is very affordable. So I'm inviting everyone to visit one of the earliest science musuem in our country, the Philippine Science Centrum. 

Admission Fee (maximum of 1.5 hours, additional P60 every hour thereafter)

Adult and Private School Students: P120/head
Public School Students: P95/head
Children below 2 years old: FREE Teachers with ID: FREE
Senior Citizen with ID: 50% discount (P60/head)

Museum Hours

Monday to Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Philippine Science Centrum
Address: E-Com Building, Riverbanks Center, Marikina City
Contact No.: 942-5136 or 0905-2597771
To let you experience what I've experienced in this museum, I'm giving away two (2) complimentary passes each to five (5) lucky readers of The Binondo Mommy. Ticket is valid until May 31, 2014. Just simply follow the mechanics from the Rafflecopter below. 

Raffle will run from Feb. 8 (Sat) until Feb. 28, 2014 (Fri). I will be announcing the winners by first week of March and will be sending the tickets to the winners as well. Good Luck and let's visit Philippine Science Centrum.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

By the way, they have just launched their newest exhibit focused on Environment last Feb. 5. What a good timing to visit them if you haven't gone there for so long. 

Environment exhibits include: Battle of the Bulbs, Biodegration, E-Waste, Biogas Generator, Dual Flush, Surface Run-Off, Standby Power, Let's Recycle.

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