Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winners for the Two Workshops

Last week, I hosted two giveaways for this Saturday's workshops. Thank you to Manila Workshops for giving The Binondo Mommy's readers a chance to attend two of your First Time Parents series of workshops. I'm sure they are so excited to learn from them.

First, let me list down the names who joined for the Baby Nutrition and Dental Care Workshop. This is based on those who left their names and email addresses on the comment box.

1. Jennifer Bringas
2. Michelle Namilit
3. Gayzell de Jesus
4. Alkina Mendoza
5. Yasmin Besorio
6. Lona Saljay
7. Rowena de Luna
8. Karen Ang
9. Aisa Vagilidad
10. Allysa Pascual
11. Rolly Cirineo
12. Mark Mendoza
13. Vicenta Rada
14. Laurence Tengkiat

For the Delivery and Newborn Care Workshop, here's the list of people who joined. This is based on those who left their names and email addresses on the comment box.

1. Maan Ibarra
2. Yasmin Besorio
3. Rozelle Reyes
4. Vicenta Rada
5. Laurence Tengkiat
6. Mhaybelle Parto

Upon verifying the Rafflecopter entries, there were some who clicked on "Leave a Blog Post Comment" but didn't actually do it and still proceeded to the next tasks. I'm sorry but those entries will be invalid to be fair for those who completed the task. Hope you understand.

Congratulations to the following people who won two (2) seats each. Kindly message me through The Binondo Mommy's Facebook the complete names and email addresses of the people who will be attending the workshop. I need to submit them to the organizers by today Feb. 20 (Thurs).

For Baby Nutrition and Dental Care Workshop:
1. Alkina Carla Mendoza - child: 13 months old
2. Aisa Vagilidad - child: 20 months old
3. Jennifer Baradas-Bringas - child: 13 months old
4. Vicenta Castillo-Rada - children: 9 years old and 18 months old

For Delivery and Newborn Care Workshop:
1. Laurence Lim-Tengkiat - 7 months pregnant
2. Maan Santos Estrella-Ibarra - March due date
3. Mhaybelle Berganio Parto - 25 weeks and 4 days pregnant
4. Rozelle Reyes - child: 1 week old (for her friend who is a teen mom)

Thank you to everyone who joined my giveaway! Till next time!

Don't forgot to join my ongoing giveaway here.

Mommy Sally

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