Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brave: Women's Self-Defense Workshop

I have been so used to commuting since I was a kid until today. At some point, I would ask myself why my parents allowed me to be exposed to the uncertainties of commuting. But thinking of it now, I am thankful for training me to become street smart, be equipped with navigating directions and be brave enough to commute to places even if it was my first time. And I thank God for always keeping me safe in my everyday journey. But because I am a mom now, commuting would be a different story especially if with baby. I actually don't dare to go out with her that's why we are not that mobile.

Lately I came across an invite to a workshop called Women's Self-Defense Workshop brought to you by Brave Philippines. It actually got my attention because I have been wanting to learn self-defense. Let me tell you more about the program.

As lifted from their website:

BRAVE is the first and only self-defense system specifically designed for working women. We understand the complexities of modern women's busy schedule that is why any program of BRAVE is optimized and can be completed in just a day. Martial arts and fighting background is not a prerequisite. In just a day, a woman will learn the principles, techniques, and methods on how to protect herself in times of violence.

After any BRAVE program, a student is guaranteed to have the knowledge that can be turned into power in violent situations, and the skills to protect her from people who want to hurt or take advantage of her.

Brave Self-Defense System is based on Kali, the Filipino Martial Arts. Kali is one of the most effective martial arts in the world. So effective that it was used by Matt Damon and Tom Cruise in Bourne Series and Mission Impossible. It was also alleged that Jeet Kune Do (system founded by Bruce Lee) was mostly influenced by Kali because of Bruce Lee's partner, Dan Inosanto who is an instructor of Filipino martial arts.

A working woman is an independent woman. An independent woman must know how to protect herself.

What: Women's Self-Defense and Real Life Combat Training
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm (7 hours with breaks in between)
Price: P2,500.00 
Date: Feb. 22, 2014 (Saturday)
Venue: Studio M Makati

What will I learn in BRAVE?

Registering for a BRAVE Self-defense program would equip you with essential skills that will heighten your awareness in an assault and enable you to protect yourself and your loved ones in times of danger. Registering yourself for a self-defense immediately increases your safety by 90%, guaranteed!

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • Effective striking
  • Releasing from various grabs (hair, hand, arms, neck, etc.)
  • Dealing effectively with distance
  • How to anticipate certain types of attacks giving you advantage
  • Disarming and stopping an armed assailant
  • Effective counter attacking
  • Defending from any line of attack (front, back and sides)
  • Immobilizing an attacker
  • Taking down an attacker
  • Self-awareness and reflexes
  • Combat training applicable to real-life situations 

After completing this workshop, you are guaranteed to gain the confidence and skills to protect yourself in times of danger. Your fear will turn into power.

How can I join?
Send a text message: 0927-659-9718 /0936-330-3650

What should I wear?
Be in your most comfortable. We suggest coming in with shirt, jogging pants/gym pants/jeans and rubber shoes.

What should I bring?
Though we provide lunch, snacks, and hydration on our workshops. Feel free to bring in your own snacks, juices, and bottled water. Bring in face towels and extra set of clothes too.

Where is the training located?
Our venue for workshops is at Studio M Makati.
For more info about Brave Philippines, you can visit their website:

I'm so excited to attend this self-defense training so that I won't be that scared whenever I go out and commute. Hope to see you there!

Mommy Sally

P.S. Please proceed to this link to read about my personal experience on the actual workshop.

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