Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Toddler Care, Basic First Aid, Dental Care Workshop + Giveaway

Looking back, I missed those days when baby was still a newborn, always cuddled in my arms breastfeeding round the clock. Without noticing it, a year had already passed by and my baby has now transitioned from infancy to toddlerhood stage. Being a proactive mom, it is my duty to keep abreast of my child's growth and check on her milestones. Since then, I have attended quite a number of workshops already and still constantly on the look-out for more knowledge. Thankfully Manila Workshops has designed a series of workshops called First Time Parents where essential topics on parenting are being discussed.

This coming March 22, the title of the workshop is Toddler Care, Basic First Aid and Dental Care. It aims to give first time parents of toddlers the skills and knowledge they need to keep up with their kids as they reach further milestones in life. Parents, guardians and yayas are all encouraged to attend in order to help them understand how a toddler behaves along with basic first aid and also learn about their child's oral hygiene. 

Topics would include:
1. Understanding Toddlers
2. Playing and Learning
3. Basic First Aid
4. Dental Care

There will be two speakers for the said workshop:
1. Ms. Cristina Joson
    - a graduate of BS Nursing from Southville International School and Colleges
    - has worked as a School Nurse and Pre-School Teacher in The Bridge School since passing the Nursing Licensure exam in 2010
    - founded and created the ‘Yaya Seminar’ facilitated by VentureLab Business Resource Center, Inc. while conducting freelance seminars on similar topics

2. Dr. Fina Marilag Gupit-Lopez
    - a specialist in Pediatric Dentistry
   - a practicing Pediatric Dentistry Consultatnt at the Oral Health Care Center in Greenhills and Dentphix, Inc. in Pasig City
   - works as a Consultant, Lecturer and Clinical Supervising Staff at the Pediatric Dentistry Center of the Philippines of Dr. Fe del Mundo Medical Center and Foundation
   - a columnist for Baby Magazine, apart from her medical practice
   - has conducted several lectures on oral health care and caring for children’s teeth
   - married to a businessman with whom she has four children

Date: March 22, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Venue: Medela House at 1st Street, New Manila, Quezon City

Learning Fee:
Individual Rate: P600
Couple’s Rate:   P1000

Giveaway Alert!

Our friends from Manila Workshops will be sponsoring free couple seats to three (3) lucky readers of The Binondo Mommy. This is open to anybody who can really attend the said workshop on March 22. The giveaway will run from March 12 (Wed) to March 19, 2014 (Wed). I will announce the winners the next day and submit the names and contact details to the organizers.

For the mechanics, just follow the Rafflecopter's instructions. Please remember to do the mandatory steps first before proceeding to the next tasks for your entries to be valid. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm so excited to attend this workshop! Hope to see you there! :)

Mommy Sally 


  1. Name: Sheena Mamaril Malate
    age of children: 1 year 6 months old

    I deserve to win a seat to this workshop because I want to know more on importance of proper dental care for toddlers. I have a hard time brushing my toddler's teeth because she cries a lot, if I will be able to win a seat, I hope I will be able to know the proper technique to brush her teeth. I am a first time mom, and this seminar suits me. :)

  2. Karina Alvaera
    mother of a 6 month old baby boy

    I would love to win seats to this workshop because I believe that it is never too early to prepare for my child's future needs. I'm a first time mother so a lot of these are still new to me, and workshops such as these help me to be better equipped to handle what my child needs.

  3. Alkina Carla Mendoza
    1 year and 3 months

    I think i deserve to win a seat from this workshop because I want to know more about proper dental care for my son , because we are having a hard time brushing my sons teeth.

  4. Allan Reyes
    1 yr and 10 months
    I want my baby to have a good oral hygiene.

  5. maricar adao
    6 months

    as a first time mom, i need and want to know how to understand a toddler as well as the basic first aid for my baby in case of an emergency.

  6. Aisa Reyes Vagilidad
    21 months

    I deserve to win because I really need to learn the basic first aid and about dental care. I am leaving soon and I want to teach my mom as well as her yaya on what to do FIRST in case of emergency. This is a very important matter and i would really love to attend this workshop. And I want to know the proper way of taking care my baby's teeth, she has some milk residues though I am not afraid because she was breastfed for 21 months now but still want to know on how to get rid of those yellowish color on her teeth..

  7. Jennifer Bringas
    1 yr 2 mos

    It's been a struggle for us in brushing our baby's teeth. It would really be great for us to be able to attend this workshop and learn how to handle this. We'd certainly learn a lot from the other topics as well.

  8. Complete Name: Michael Yu
    Email Address:
    Age of child: 15months

    I deserve to win a seat to this workshop because I really want to learn basic toddler toddler care especially when it comes to brushing our toddler's teeth. A full-time dad like me, who knows only a little on toddler care really deserves this seat ;)

  9. Complete Name: Cherie Chan
    Email Address:
    Age of Child: 1 yr. 3 months

    I deserve to win a seat to the workshop because I am a first time mom hoping to grasp a deeper understanding on proper toddler care. My 1yr. 3months daughter's teeth are fast growing and I'm having a hard time brushing her teeth. I hope this workshop can teach me how to take care of my baby's growing teeth.


  10. Cherie ChanMar 17, 2014, 5:58:00 PM

    Complete Name: Jenny Chan
    Email Address:
    Age of Child: none (my niece is currently 15months old)

    I deserve to win a couple seat of this workshop for my sister and my brother-in-law because they really want to attend this workshop for free. This workshop will help them learn a lot about toddler care especially when it comes to brushing my niece's teeth :)

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