Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ZaLor Massage Services + Giveaway

I was very fortunate to have interviewed one of the partners behind a humble but promising massage service specializing in maternity, ZaLor Massage Services. I came to know them last year when I tried their lactation massage by Nanay Lorena. I actually didn't thought of having the need to get a lactation massage because I was already so blessed to have enough milk supply for my baby. But because of the complimentary massage service that I've won from the giveaway of TSN + Zalor + Babypalooza that I was able to try it.

Here's my first massage by Nanay Lorena, photo taken last March 3, 2013. Baby was still 3 months old that time.

Believe it or not, it was actually my first time to try a lactation massage. Anyway, my experience was that during the time that Nanay Lorena was massaging my breast already, my milk was continuously flowing and becoming messy that I felt kind of embarrassed. But it was a sign of an abundant milk supply and I was also relieved to know that I didn't have any plugged ducts during the massage. Aside from the relaxing massage experience, it was never a dull moment chatting with Nanay Lorena as she openly shares her interesting life stories and wisdom in this field of service. Optimism, humility and selflessness are the traits that I admire most from her.

Baby Massage

Let me share with you more about Zalor Massage Service through the interview I had with Nanay Lorena (NL). I took the liberty to translate her answer from Tagalog to English.

TBM: When and how did you start your business?

NL: I have thought of putting up a massage parlor since last year but due to lack of resources, I continued to work as a freelance prenatal, lactation and postnatal therapist through home service. Not until this Feb. 8, 2014 that we were finally able to secure a place to serve our walk-in clients.

TBM: What inspired you to go into this line of business?

NL: I was inspired to pursue this maternal massage and lactation counseling service when I saw that breastfeeding is being promoted and encouraged nowadays. But more importantly, I sincerely want to help those moms who are experiencing difficulty in breastfeeding. As a mom of four fully-breastfed children, I know what they are undergoing through these early stages of breastfeeding.

Regular Massage
TBM: Why did you choose the name ZaLor?

NL: ZaLor is a combination of me, Lorena and my younger sister's name, Zarina. Together with Helen Ferns, we three are the partners behind this massage business.

TBM: What are the services you offer?

NL: We specialized in prenatal, lactation, and postnatal (or ge lai) massage. Aside from that, we can do fertility, labor and even infant/baby massage as well. We also do lactation consultation, checking of proper latch of baby and positioning, already free of charge when you avail of the lactation massage. And lastly, we offer regular/whole body massage for your husband and others who need it. The specialized massage rate starts at P950 for 1.5 hours while regular massage is at P300 for 1 hour. Additional fee will be required for home service depending on your location.

TBM: What are the background and trainings you have undergone?

NL: Way back in 1997, I started out as a wet nurse and child educator at Arugaan Creche, a day care center owned by Nanay Ines Fernandez. It was where I first learned about the benefits of breastfeeding. 

I was interviewed for the first time during 1998 with Nanay Ines at a TV show "Make My Day" hosted by Larry Henares about breastfeeding and wet-nursing. 

I was trained under Mom Massage last 2007 by Lita Neri who is a DOH licensed trainer and had practicum at Don Jose Fabella Hospital. 

Then I guested at "The Sweet Life" with Lucy Torres-Gomez and Wilma Doesnt about the pressure points of pregnant moms. 

I also joined the lactation journey of Arugaan last 2010-2011 where we visited the victims of Typhoon Ondoy which was funded by Save the Children. 

I became an effective lactation trainer last 2011-2012 assigned at different provinces such as Bicol, Iloilo and Zamboanga, a project funded by WHO. 

I was a resource speaker at Navotas and Muntinlupa at year 2012. 

And the last project I got involved to was the Breastfeeding Expert for Breastfeeding Rescue to help the victims of Yolanda in Tacloban last 2013.

Lactation Massage but we started first with the limbs

TBM: What are your goals for this massage service business and how do you envision your business in the years to come?

NL: My goal is to help families especially the mothers and their children to be successful in their breastfeeding journey. I envision our world to be healthy through breastfeeding and save our next generation from any threatening diseases.


And I'm excited to inform that Nanay Lorena is so generous to sponsor five (5) Complimentary Massage valued at P950 to my lovely readers. You can choose either prenatal, lactation or postnatal massage, depending on your needs. It can also be converted to a regular massage for males or others who just plainly needs a relaxing massage. There will be five winners.

2 from Rafflecopter
2 from Best Answer to be chosen by TBM and Nanay Lorena
1 from Instagram Repost to be chosen via - pls. use the hashtag #TheBinondoMommyxZaLorGiveaway to qualify

This giveaway will run from March 11 (Tuesday) to April 4, 2014 (Friday). I will announce the winner the next day. This is open to anybody who can visit the massage parlor or just add the transportation fee if you prefer a home service. For the mechanics, just follow the Rafflecopter's instructions. Just a friendly reminder to do the mandatory steps before proceeding to the next tasks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For inquiries on their other massage rates and booking, you may directly connect with them. Thank you!

ZaLor Massage Services  

Facebook: Zalor Massage Services

Contact Person: Lorena Orejola
Contact Number: 0906-2313307 / 0998-2315205
Email Address:
Massage Parlor Address: #17 F&J Don Antonio Arcade, Don Antonio Drive, Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City

Here's my second-time massage by Nanay Lorena, photo taken last Feb. 3, 2014. Baby is now 14 months old.
 Mommy Sally


  1. Rozelle Reyes

    Just for relaxing..

    Why do you want to win this complimentary massage by ZaLor Massage Services?

    I want to give this, if i even win it to my parents. They super love massage services and yes, they might be workaholic but they also need to unwind and relax at times!

  2. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and find it difficult to find a spa or a massage salon that will suit pregnant women. I'm happy that ZaLor massage services is finally available for prenatal, lactation and post natal, this is just in time for my first pregnancy! I'm interested also for the lactation massage since I'm planning to breastfeed my baby boy for at least two years :) ZaLor massage services is a big help for us moms both for soothing tired muscles and effective breastfeeding :)

    1. Mhaybelle Berganio-Parto
      prenatal massage

  3. Rowena D,

    I am currently breastfeeding and also pregnant, I think I badly need a massage hehe. So, when I come across this info, I thought of joining. More power to you!

  4. Laurence Tengkiat
    Pre-Natal Massage

    Since I got pregnant, I was advised to stop having a regular massage. Then, I learned about the prenatal massage but it's difficult to find a spa nearby that offers such service. It's nice to know that there's a salon that specializes in these kind of services (prenatal, lactation and postnatal massages) and is offering a home service. Thanks to Zalor for understanding the needs of moms especially the first timers:) I am 33 weeks pregnant now, and looking forward to another baby girl. With my eldest, I had challenges with my breastfeeding journey. I really wanna try the lactation massage and post natal massage this time around. I believe this will help me a lot in recovering after giving birth and with my breastfeeding. More power to Zalor!!!


    Kudos to you Nanay Lorena and your efforts to help breastfeeding Moms and the breastfeeding community in general. It's nice that there is ZaLor now that I can point to to friends who need these services. Because I got this impression that somehow it is difficult to get a hold of Nanay Rich or anyone on their cluster. And I really understand, I can tell they're busy with other things too and being a mother all at the same time. It was days when I finally got my lactation massage with Ms. Rhia Talle, a home service one. It was when I was struggling to EBF my then 8 month old son. He was mixedfed before. Arugaan Creche and lactation massage helped us a lot. That's why I am happy to know that Nanay Lorena started at Arugaan.

    Right now, I wanted to win/experience a whole body massage for my Husband. He works as a software developer. And I can tell his work can be exhausting sometimes. That's why I always insist that he get a massage for himself. He is busy with stuffs sometimes but most of the time busy nursing a migraine. Winning this can be my great excuse for him to try having a massage and eventually be hooked to it especially with his tiring work. Also, surely, me and baby will go with him. I will have my baby try the toddler/baby massage and ask Nanay Lorena how to do it at home.

    Great read, TBM. Nice review. More power!

  6. Arminda Puno De Leon
    A very Relaxing Massage for me!
    With your review, I will definitely want to experience Zalor and have my ME time!

  7. Allan Reyes
    I recently had an accident falling down from a motorcycle.My body aches and badly needs a massage.

  8. Vicenta C. Rada

    I am EBF to my 18 months old baby.A fulltime mother of 2. So Multi-tasting sa loob at labas ng bahay. Gusto kong makaranas ng ganitong masahe if ever i win.Para naman ma experience ko na maging magaan ang pakiramdam ko sa katawan . :) More power and God bless us all!

  9. Karina Alvaera

    I would love to win either a lactation or postnatal massage! I'm exclusively breastfeeding my 6 month old baby boy and the lactation massage would ensure that he has plenty of milk to consume. The postnatal massage.. well I have a postnatal body, lol, that could use one glorious bout of relaxation. Winning either would be awesome!

  10. Arminda P. De Leon

    I would love to experience Zalor's type of massage for me to have my ME time.

  11. Aisa Vagilidad
    Postnatal Massage

    It's been 21 months and I've never experience a postnatal massage. I gave birth by caesarean section and di ako nakapag pa massage or 'hilot" because of my tahi. And now I am suffering a lot of pains in my body and maybe it was because I never had a chance for postnatal massage. I am also afraid of "binat" kaya I want to experience this to lessen naman my worries. Good thing my Zalor massage na, thank you for giving us moms IMPORTANCE. We moms sometime forget the meaning of "me time' thank you for reminding us again that we are important i think it's one of your missions to always remember the value of every women especially MOTHERS =). Thank you.

  12. Maricar Canillas-Saladino
    postnatal massage

    I badly need it because since I gave CS birth, no PTs wanted to massage me because its just 1 yr & half and their afraid of my stitches. Wahhh!!! =(

  13. Sophia Gonzales

    I want to win this complimentary massage by ZaLor Massage Services because i want to surprise my mom and i know she really deserves a relaxing day away from her work and bussiness. She is having a hard time to relax so, i know that ZaLor Massage Servies can grant that but well, Hopes up! Hope you pick me!

  14. i want to give it to my patient's :)
    as a gift as a midwife and nurse dapat marunong kang mag alaga ng pasyente mo :)yun lang


  15. Josefa Lamano

    Lactation Massage! I am already 51 years old. And I am a teacher for almost 26 years now. 26 years of teaching is really a tough job plus I am a mother with 3 children. I feel so much tired and body pain occurred most of the times. I've lack pamper for my self cause of busy days and hectic schedules. How I wish even an hour will cure my body agony. I want to have a rest and relax my fatigue body and mind.

  16. Mary Anne Ramires
    what type of massage you need: If allowed I want the infant massage for my 1yr 3months old baby girl and if not for my husband whom I know needs this because of back pain. She loves carrying our baby even if she's overweight.

    Please answer this question: Why do you want to win this complimentary massage by ZaLor Massage Services?I want to win this for my baby. She's quite overweight and because of this I feel that her legs are a bit curved and I know that this massage will help her somehow and hopefully to be able to continue it as well.

  17. cherry tan prenatal massage
    i want to win this so that i can give this as a gift to my friend who is a few weeks pregnant.

  18. Jeffrey John ImutanMar 20, 2014, 2:21:00 PM


    I want to win this complimentary massage by ZaLor Massage Services for my baby boy who recently is always sick due to the changes in our weather. And I would also render ZaLor Massage for my lovely wife who gave me 4 beautiful children, I think she really deserves the break and a chance to relax from taking care of our 3 daughters and 1 son.

  19. Monica Almayda
    I want to win this massage giveaway because i am working in Food industry, Im experiencing different pain in my body, I want massage as a gift to myself because I am almost working 4 years,I need to relax

  20. Ruth Santiago

    I want to win a regular massage for my 67-year-old mom, so she can experience relaxation... It's my way of thanking her for being so supportive to us, her children. I really hope to win for her ^_^

  21. i want to win this because i've been l0oking for a spa that will so0the and relax specially my back and leg cramps every night, n0w that im 24 weeks pregant. this might sound crazy but i dreamt last night of having a massage heheh when i woke up feeling as if. and i am aiming to exclusively and 100% breastfeed my baby until he/she is 2.5yrs old

    lalane virto

  22. Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay

    I want to win a fertility massage. I have been married for over a year now but unfortunately, still unable to become pregnant. Some friends have informed me to get someone who can make "hilot" for right positioning. I wanted to have it done by an expert because I am scared that others might get it wrong. This is gonna be a wish come true if Nanay Lorena can help me. So I am crossing my fingers to win this wonderful giveaway.

    Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay

  23. I love massages but right now I can't have one since I am now 10 weeks pregnant and was advised for full bed rest
    for the entire duration of my pregnancy (due to a high-risk pregnancy), a post- natal massage would be a nice treat to have my sored muscle stretched and also I want to try the Lactation massage after birth, as I plan to exclusively breastfeed my baby hopefully. Hoping to win :-)

  24. Joy Mesina-Bahia

    I want to try the postnatal massage. I heard about "suob" and other postnatal musts but never really tried any of them. Now after 7 months since my last CS procedure (sadly, due to fetal death), I wonder if it could still do wonders for me. One thing's for sure--it'll be relaxing! Now, I'm really intrigued! :)

  25. This is perfect for my best friend Rinah Morales who is in the early stage of her pregnancy. I'm excited to bring her to Zalor. We have something to look forward to. Thank you for blogging this as this will definitely help her. :)

    Maddie Manahan

  26. vivian dy

    lactation massage

    I am excluding bf my 3 months old baby. She's a pre-mature baby. I try my best to bf her. now im a working mom, i pump twice a day in the office and unli latch when im home.But my milk gets lower, my milk is not enough since my baby's demand is higher now. As much as possible i dont want my bby to have fm and she's pre-mature, i still believe bm is best for her. I want to try this massage to help me increase my supply.

    wanted to try: FERTILITY MASSAGE

    i really wanted to try the fertility massage to help me to cope with my fertility struggles. i envy these moms who are into breastfeeding and going through pregnancy already...hopefully someday i'll be one of them :):) God bless to us!

  28. I want to give this for my mom and my sister and her baby.....

  29. This is superb! I didn't know about them but would love to try :)

  30. Monica Eleazar Manzano post natal massage or Ge Lai

    I just gave birth naturally at home 2 weeks ago and I've been looking for someone to come and "fix me" since I feel like my bones shifted.

  31. Would love to give this to my best friend who's 7 months pregnant. She's always on the go so I'm sure a pre natal massage would really benefit her! Super thanks Mommy Sally! :)

    Len Tienzo /

  32. thank you so much for your blog. I really find this helpful.