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A Glimpse of Baby & Family Expo 2014

I always look forward to attending events about baby and mommy for the reason that I want to know the latest trend and product that I myself can relate to. Last year, I wasn't able to attend the first Baby Expo because it happens to coincide with my baby's 1st birthday. This time, they are having a second run, 2nd Baby & Family Expo 2014 happening from Dec. 5 to 7, 2014 at SMX Hall 1.

I decided to visit them on the first day so I can share with you my experience. Upon walking towards SMX, I already saw lots of tarps announcing different events at SMX. Aside from the Baby & Family Expo, there's also a Property Expo Philippines, Shoes & Bags Sale and Toy Kingdom's Toy Sale, all happening in one place at the same time. I thought that this would be a great family bonding place since there's something to check out on by everyone.

After walking pass through the other 3 event halls, I've finally reached the expo that I'm supposed to visit, the Baby & Family Expo which is located at the far end of the hall, near the church side. There's not much people yet at around 10:30 am but the queue was quite slow. There was no separate lane for online registrants that time. 

What kept me busy while waiting in line was these life-size figures displayed at the entrance. I think this is the start of their so-called "Toy Museum".

I wasn't able to take much photos except for some of the booths that were new or interesting to me.

Scholastic booth

My first stop was Scholastic's booth. They sell Dr. Seuss books at a regular price of around P375 each and other children's books.
Easier to Buy Corp Coach booth

It's my first time to come across this company. Easier to Buy consists of group of business coaches/consultants that help start-up businesses identify how to make their products easier for their target customers to buy. It's about helping businesses and people grow.

Mamy Poko booth
I love mascots and here's my photo with a Mamy Poko mascot, the look-alike of Baymax from Big Hero 6, hehe! :) I have tried using Mamy Poko when my baby was still a newborn. It's considered as one of the top-of-the-line brand of disposable diapers because of its gentleness to baby's skin, gives lesser bulky feeling and great absorbency thus the price is also higher.

i-Angel booth
The owner of i-Angel, Meryll, was my former college batch mate that's why I took time to catch up with her and her new business. I found i-Angel, a Korean brand baby carrier, unique because of its built-in hipseat and even allows you to carry your child front-facing.

AKA booth carries Kate Quinn organic and baby luxury clothing.
The quality of Kate Quinn baby clothes are really good and their designs are fashionable but they're really quite expensive.

St. Patrick's sister brand Obi Baby

Obi Baby is the colorful counterpart of St. Patrick Baby clothing. While St. Patrick offers baby pastel colors, Obi Baby offers baby clothing in matching rainbow color of your choice.

Okiedog / Wildpack booth
Okiedog is a brand of diaper bag for modern mommies on-the-go while Wildpack is a brand of kid's backpack or luggage with 3D animal designs with the size fit for those little hands. I find the luggage so cute! Imagine looking at your children pulling his/her own little luggage.

The M Style booth
This new style of breastfeeding T-shirt got my attention where there are 2 zippers running across the bust line for a more discreet feeding.

Musicgarten Manila booth
I have been looking for quality musical instruments for my baby and I saw this unique xylophone, Plastic Resonator Bells w/ case, from Musicgarten where each note can be separated or rearranged. It's quite costly though at over P3k each set.

Gusto booth
Gusto juice offers powdered detox drink made from 100% natural fruits and vegetables combined. Mango flavor tasted better than the pandan.

Le'ondell Enterprise or La Rouge brand

Just as I was looking around for other cool stuffs, I came across this portable sauna and was instantly asked to enter the cubicle for a trial. The portable sauna is unique because it just uses electric plug to produce heat, has a timer and even has a built-in sound system inside. Then the salesman proceeded with demonstrating their La Rouge induction stove where it can directly transmit heat into the cooking vessel without heating the stove surface. They placed a rug in between the stove and cooking pot to prove that the stove can still boil water even with something in between. Then after demonstrating their other cookwares, I was told to fill-up my contact details on their logbook. Here's the creepy part, I was almost lured and duped by their non-stop babbles saying that I won a rice cooker, I will get to take home their induction stove, a flat screen TV and all. I just need to buy this cookware for X-thousand amount in installment, no cash-out, etc etc. Super kulit! I asked to get back my ID and told them that I'll just tell others about their product but I won't buy coz I don't cook.

Whew, after getting out from that sales harassment, I was in dazed and really traumatized that I didn't have the mood to roam around anymore. 

Manulife booth
As I was on my way to the exit, I passed by this booth and was told to register online for Manulife's new campaign Bundle of Joy and could get a free DQ Dilly Bar. Thanks for that simple treat, it helped subside my unpleasant experience earlier.

Children's Play Area
Then I saw this huge play ground but no children were playing yet at that time.

Fursys Booth
Fursys booth sells Ringo Chair. A 4-wheeled adjustable chair that grows with your child from preschool until highschool.

Mamas and Papas booth
Because I'm eager to get out of the place, I wasn't able to check out the products from this booth carefully but this brand is worth visiting coz they offer quality strollers, booster chairs and many more. 

Before I leave the SMX Hall, I dropped by the Shoes & Bags Sale but due to the crowded venue, I also immediately went out.

Lastly before I really leave SMX, I peeked through inside Toy Kingdom's Sale and saw lots of people so I assume that this hall is the most go-to event among them. So I went inside and got out with only two items. I even went through this very long line, with everyone having at least a push cart, just to pay.

The only unique find that I saw inside Toy Kingdom's Sale is this Boikido brand. I'm eyeing for their musical instruments especially this piano which costs around P3k. For now, I still can't afford it so I'll just include it in my wish list for my toddler.

The 3-day program of Baby & Family Expo 2014

It's Christmas season, sale events and bazaars are everywhere. Just a friendly reminder to shop wisely and don't always believe in freebies! Have you experienced a similar case as mine? Share with me in the comments section below.
2nd Baby & Family Expo Philippines 2014
Event Venue: SMX Convention Center Manila, Hall 1, Pasay City 
Theme: Shop + Learn + Play

Mommy Sally


  1. I was supposed to join the expo this year but due to time constraints, I wasn't able to. Sayang :( And yes, I really love the Boikido brand too. Youji&Me holds yearly warehouse sale every July, you can check it out :)

    1. Thanks for the info and thanks for reading! Very much appreciated! :)

  2. So many nice events this weekend! :) I like the ringo chair, the one that grows with the child. What a novel idea. :)

    1. That's true! I wonder how much is that Ringo Chair! Hehe! Thanks for dropping by Cheryl! :)

    2. Hi Sally, The Ringo Chair costs Php 13,000.00, all options included and free delivery charge within Metro Manila. You could contact us at 831-8925 or visit us at our showroom at GF Mancor Building, 32nd Street, BGC, Taguig City. Thanks.

  3. Ako i learned na from my club ultima experience. They're so makulit din and they would say that i won the raffle un pla with certain conditions.

    Di na ko nkapunta sa expo :)

    1. Natuto na ako haha! Iiwas na talaga ako sa mga ganun. :)

  4. Hi I went to Baby Expo din its my second time, last year is super nice. I also got disappointed and irritated with one of the exhibitors katulad ng sayo they told me that I won free pressure cooker, induction etc yun pala they asked you to buy the cookware na super mahal. Ang tagal pa ibalik license ko.

    1. We might be referring to one and the same exhibitor. Exactly the same ang nangyari! Grrr..