Monday, December 15, 2014

Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner 2015 + Giveaway

Every December, one of the things that people look forward to is their would-be planner for the succeeding year, and that includes me! There are a number of planners available in the market varying on the design and features. Some are given as a complimentary from affiliate banks or insurance companies, some are given as a freebie as part of a brand's marketing promo, while some planners are explicitly available for sale at select bookstores. Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide which planner to use when you got more than one. It's hard to choose whether you want status symbol, being 'in' or just practicality.

Based on my experience, it's hard to maintain two planners because they can mix up your schedule and tendency is that the other planner would just get left out. It is advisable to use only one planner for a particular year so that everything will just be in one place. Planner is made to simplify our life and not to complicate it.

Anyway, I just want to share with you a relatively new planner made by Certified Positive. Presenting to you their 2nd edition, the 2015 Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner.

Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner cover

As you can see from the outside, the planner has an olive green color. It has an abstract minimalist design imprinted in glossy finish. It is hardbound, measures 8.25" in length, 5.75" in width, 0.75" in thickness and weighs around 500g. It has a built-in ribbon bookmark and comes with a separate card bookmark.

Now let's check out the inside pages. Basically, what makes Certified Positive planner different is its goal of helping people grow their relationship with God and to see life in a positive way. If you are in lined with this mission, then let's proceed.

How to Maximize Your Planner

Here's a summary of the planner's features.

1. Go for the Goals - there's a page to write on your personal and spiritual goals for the entire year
2. Daily Positivity - there's a positive quote written beside each day
3. Pos-Tweet-ive Acts - there's a gospel quote each week that requires us to tweet and tag a friend
4. S.O.A.P Bible Reading Plan - there's a suggested bible reading written beside each day, covering the whole Bible in 365 days
5. Reflections - there's a page every end of the month where you can write your reflections and prayer to God
6. Inspiring Stickers - there are 12 square inspirational stickers which includes the logo of Certified Positive
7. Uplifting Cards - there are 12 square ready-made greeting cards to brighten up someone's day 

I have taken snap shots of the pages to give you a better appreciation of the planner. 

Daily Verse Tracker
It's my first time to come across a planner with a bible verse tracker. This is what makes Certified Positive planner unique.

Bills Payment Tracker

This page allows you to track your monthly bills payment such as utilities, government contribution, insurance, investment that you need to pay or remit for the entire year.

2015 Spiritual Goals

Personal Goals

Monthly Goals

Monthly Budget, Daily Expense Tracker

Monthly Calendar

Weekly Calendar


Inspirational Stickers

Mini Greeting Cards

Interested to get a copy of this planner? Surprise! Certified Positive is hosting a giveaway here at The Binondo Mommy's blog. They are giving away one (1) copy of Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner 2015. Here's the mechanics:

1. Like The Binondo Mommy's Facebook page
2. Like Certified Positive's Facebook page
3. Comment your name and email address together with your answer to this question: "What do you like about this Certified Positive 2015 planner and why?"

This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only. Promo duration is from Dec. 15 to 24, 2014. Winner will be announced on Christmas Day and will be endorsed to Certified Positive TEAM as they will be the one to ship the planner to you. Please enter through the Rafflecopter as a proof that you have liked the pages mentioned. Winner will be picked based on the answer. Good luck and wishing you a merry and blessed Christmas and a Certified Positive New Year!

If you want to purchase a copy of the planner, it costs P549 each! It is available at the following shops:
The Cup of Faith, CCF Tiendesitas, Pasig;
Daily Brew Coffee & Tea Shop Greenwoods, and ABD Tower, Pasig;
Coffee Grounds, Valley Fair, Taytay Rizal

Partner bookstores
Omf Literature, BONI, mandaluyong (other branches to follow);
Philippine Bible Society, UN, Manila;
Back to the Bible Bookstore, West Ave, Quezon City;


Certified Positive
Facebook: Twitter:
Instagram: http://www.intagram/certified_positive


Mommy Sally

Updated Dec. 25, 2014:

And the best answer and winner of the Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner 2015 goes to... 

Aileen Aguinaldo
Congratulations! Kindly message me in Facebook your complete name, email address, complete mailing address with zip code and mobile number. I'll be forwarding your contact details to the creators of Certified Positive planner. :)

Thank you to the 27 people who commented their answers and for those who entered through the Rafflecopter! I hope you'll still read the Bible even if you didn't win this planner. Let's all keep our faith in God alive and stay positive always. Merry Christmas! :)


  1. Aldrin Montierro

    What am I looking for a planner? Of course, it's color, features, and content. I am happy that it roll into this "Certified Positive" planner. My favorite color is green, so check. I also love its feature tand content as I am looking for a devotional diary too. Here I can write down my devotions, daily activities, expenses, insights, plus the stickers and cards which make this planner a perfect fit for me.

  2. What I like about the Certified Positive planner is that I can note down all my activities in the whole year.
    Mary Joy Supetran

  3. Nicki Roque
    I'm loving the earthy colors, and minimalist approach of the planner :D

  4. I like the Certified Positive planner because it helps us focus on the positive things in life.

    Astra C. Alegre

  5. Honestly, this is my 1st time to know about this planner. What I love about this planner is the page where in you can write down your spiritual goals. I have bee very bust since I became a working mom, i tend to forget that i have an obligation not only to my family, but also to God.

    Diosyl Evan Borbon

  6. Hi Ms Sally,

    Having a planner is really a must have for me.. Ever year gamit na gamit talaga ang planner ko.
    This year I am hoping to be always inspired by just reading a bible verse. I wan't to be reminded as always to be more patience and I guess by reading a bible verse mas humahaba ang patience ng isang tao.

    My yearly planner is either BDJ or Starbucks pero this year I am planning to have a Certified Positive talaga. I haven't purchase pa that's why I am trying my luck lang ang thanks for the chance. Kailangan ko lag talaga ng Positiveness dahil medyo stressful ang 2014 ko.. ( :

    Merry Christmas to all

  7. I'm a planner enthusiast. Writing down my professional, family, personal goals makes my life easier. For me having this planner, it's like walking through with God, to write all my intentions in life at the same time you'll have the chance to reflect daily. God knows our desire and surely using this planner will remind you everyday that it's a blessing waking up and following through your plans.

  8. oops sorry my name doesn't show,

    Ma. Yvette Heart Calimlim

  9. What I like about the Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner is its goal-setting features that include all aspects of my life as a Christian WAHM. It has financial trackers, personal goal pages, and Bible-study guides. Whatmore, it also has a YouVersion appearance--the mobile app I use for my daily spiritual vitamin!

    Hanna Roxette A. Zulueta

  10. Certified Positive 2015 Planner is a very unique planner because it is Chistianity-filled. I really like the Daily Verse Tracker, Daily Positivity and Reflections..everything in it! It is a good way on redirecting to God in your everyday living also including the ministry. As a Christian, it is a perfect planner for me. Unique, unique, unique planner! :-)

    Sheena Malate

  11. Aileen Aguinaldo

    I was ecstatic when I first came to know about this planner (just last week) from bloggers who posted about it. It has everything I needed in a planner and more. Those freebies and testimonials all serve to inspire positivity. I love the Bible reading plan the best. Because I believe that being rooted in God's Word is the best way to start a life journey of positivity. Indeed, it is a life changing planner not only from cover to cover because whatever insights we glean from our daily reflections on the verses, there will be a ripple effect, and the positive attitude will spill over to everyone we encounter.

  12. Takuya N. Aiuchi

    What I like about this planner is that, it is unique than the other ones. It has especially reserved a time and a space for you and God to just communicate and be even more intimate with each other! Also, I like the features, designs and the colors.

  13. "What do you like about this Certified Positive 2015 planner and why?" I am a multiroled-multitasked mom who wants to give the best to her husband and her two kids and also perform well as a School Head, a friend, a sister and a daughter (inlaw). The Certified Positive 2015 planner can help me accomplish all my tasks and it can also provide me snippets of wisdom and guidance as I go about my duties and obligations. I am Eve Dogelio Yasoña and my email is Hoping to be selected for a free CP 2015 planner. Thanks and God bless....

  14. Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg

    Organized, Uniqueness and design is what I want in a planner. With the qualities I want in a planner surely I will not miss any events in 2015.

  15. I like the Certified Positive Planner because with its Bills Payment Tracker and Monthly Budget, Daily Expense Tracker, it might help me with managing the family budget more wisely (so I will be able to see the unnecessary spending). I also like the monthly and weekly calendars for easy checking of schedules. It also helps that it has perks (the inspirational stickers and the mini greeting cards)!
    Theresa Cruz-Escaros

  16. Marcos Batac
    your planner is unique and i like style and color

  17. Maria Luisa Lontok
    What I like about this planner is it's like having a planner & a devotional book in one. Plus the inspirational stories of featured celebrities.

  18. Isabel Denise Ann Miguel

    I like Certified Positive 2015 because everyday we meet different people and different situations. With this journal in our bags everyday, we will be reminded to be a light in the world and that we are set apart for the greater glory of God. Also, I like this planner because it encourages in down moments. There are also testimonies inside it which can inspire us to go on with our lives and finish the race that God has set for us.

  19. Caren Dae O. Malonzo

    what i like about the certified positive planner are...
    1st. the color it is very relaxing it reminds me the nature whereas God is the maker of it.
    2nd. the content it is very useful i can write many things.this will help me to organize my thoughts and plans for the upcoming year
    but this two things can also be seen in other expensive planner.. (though not that exact look)
    BUT WHAT i really LIKE and LOVE about this planner why i want to have one (though i have no money :() is the content where there are spiritual encouragements and achievable goals. through it i can also monitor my bible readings, devotion / quiet time and daily prayers. Also this planner inspire me to finish what i will start. Im very blessed that now I find an inspiration to do more, to be deeper and closer to God . it just not help me to organize my plans but also to inspire and reminds me God's goodness and grace that every plans i will make i will submit to Him alone and surely i will achieve and be victorious child of God

  20. Ann Cagalingan
    What i am looking for in a planner is one with an organized lay-out and an easy to follow plotting scheme settings so i can follow-on my schedules very precisely!

  21. sherry ann gole cruz
    im looking for a simple,reliable planner that i write down all of my activities!

  22. Karole Nina Mandap
    What I love about Certified Positive 2015 planner is I can easily organize my activities and accomplishments each day. Specially i'm a busy person, through this I can easily track my schedule and remember all the things that I should do. Above all, this helps me to use my time wisely and manage it. I really want to have this <3

  23. I want a planner with positive thoughts, Bible verses and daily quotes. Those three factors would help a lot on setting my daily goals and to ACT GOOD, DO GOOD AND FEEL GOOD in everyday :) Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to each one of us.

  24. Lai GAmboa
    What i like about this planner is it is also packed with inspirational words. Something that I really need everyday to push me up. The design is great, i really love to own one :)

  25. Daily Verse Tracker... It feels like upon opening this planner each day makes me feel positive and inspired... Everything are in it... especially the words of God... ooohhhh... I really love this!

    Amabelle Wee

  26. Jastene Angelene E. Galacio

    What I am looking for in a planner is the design that would fit my personality and the inspiration that I could get as I write and plan my schedules.

  27. Richelle Molon
    Seeing its features, I fell inlove instantly. A planner with a bible verse tracker, goly! That's what I am looking for in every stuff that I write stuff with but I usually see those in notebooks. I love it that now there's a planner like this. I am trilled. I want to have and use this.

  28. Among the list of great features of this planner, what I like the most are these two:
    4. S.O.A.P Bible Reading Plan - there's a suggested bible reading written beside each day, covering the whole Bible in 365 days
    5. Reflections - there's a page every end of the month where you can write your reflections and prayer to God

    Sometimes I get overwhelmed with my to-do list and the tasks that I've written on my planner and I get to forget communicating with God. With this planner, I will always be reminded about this and I will more consistent in reading the bible verses and the reflections.

    So I hope I can have this! :)

    Janice S.