Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lagundex: Anti-Cough, Anti-Asthma Lagundi Leaf + Giveaway

If there's one thing that I'm proud of, it would be my health. All these years, I haven't been confined in a hospital except for the two nights when I became a mom. Despite having a good health record, I can't say that I'm physically fit and in tip-top shape because I don't set aside time to exercise except for the brisk walking and climbing of multiple flight of stairs whenever I commute to work once a week. I don't even eat a well-balanced diet and worst, I easily give in to junk food, chocolates and cold desserts because it's my way of rewarding myself and staying sane.

And because of that, I would normally get a sore throat and later on worsen to cough and colds. I hated that feeling because it makes me unproductive and uneasy. Fortunately, I have a personal 'doctor' to turn to, my mom. She would always prescribe me some Chinese cough syrups or those black pills. She discourages me to drink commercialized cough syrups or Ambroxol-type of drugs unless it's really serious or prescribed by a professional doctor.

As I get older, I discovered some effective tips that helped lessen my chances of getting a sore throat. I see to it that I follow those tips religiously especially now that I have become a mom, I can't afford to get sick. And I'm sharing my secrets to you here.

1. I always have a water jug beside me even at home for easy access to drinking water.
2. I drink plenty of water immediately after eating junk food, sweets or ice cream.
3. I would brush my teeth or gargle after eating those to remove the strong flavor/taste from my tongue.
4. I would take my vitamins everyday or drink freshly squeezed oranges to boost my immune system.
5. I think I'm getting enough sleep at night because my baby would be awaken if I'm not beside her. So it helped that I'm breastfeeding her to sleep.

But worse comes to worst, if my cough still persists, I would need to take other alternatives. Good thing, people now turn to herbal/natural remedies in dealing coughs and using Lagundi leaf extract is one of them.

Let me introduce to you Lagundex cough syrup, made from Lagundi leaf (Vitex negundo L.) It's a herbal product extensively studied and trusted by the Department of Health. Developed by a group of Filipino scientists, it only uses indigenous lagundi plants, making it truly and proudly a Filipino product.

Lagundex, a brand of Lagundi leaf, is guaranteed safe as it strictly complies with the manufacturing requirements of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration. It is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) with certified facilities to ensure its quality and efficacy.
Each 5ml of syrup contains the extract from 300mg of Lagundi dried leaves.

For the relief of mild to moderate cough due to common colds and flu. For cough of bacterial origin. For relief of mild to moderate reversible bronchospasm in adults and children.

Dosage and Administration:
For Adults: 10ml 3 to 4 times daily. Dose may be increased as needed.
For Children: 0.25ml/kg/dose administered 3 times daily.
2-4 years old (10 to 15.5kg): 2.5ml to 5ml 3 times daily.
4-6 years old (15.5 to 20kg): 5ml 3 times daily.
6-12 years old (20 to 40kg): 7.5ml to 10ml 3 times daily.
Children over 40kg body weight: 10ml 3 times daily or as prescribed by the physician.

Patients with allergy to Vitex negundo (Lagundi) plants. Safety among pregnant and lactating women has not been studied. 

Aside from being all natural and organic, mommies won't have a hard time letting their kids take this medicine because they have the Sweet Orange flavor which kids would surely love. I have also tasted their Peppermint flavor which also tasted good and very soothing. Thank God, our family doesn't have a cough for the time being that's why I haven't really tried its efficacy. But if ever, I would definitely go for this.

Lagundex caters to everyone from kids to adults; from itchy cough, dry cough, annoying cough and cough that won't let you sleep. Best of all, it's very affordable. The 60ml bottle costs P100 while 120ml costs P140. Lagundex is available in leading drugstores. It is distributed by New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC). 

For more information, ask your doctor about Lagundex or call NMPC.
Hotline: 836-5838 to 47

Good news! Because the people behind Lagundex gave me three gift packs, I shall raffle off two (2) of them to my two lucky readers. This is a flash giveaway from May 7 to 10, 2014. Winners will be announced on May 11, Mother's Day. Winners should be willing to meet with me in Binondo area or as agreed upon because it's hard to ship the bottles through a courier. Just follow the Rafflecopter's mechanics below and good luck!

Lagundex Gift Pack

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With this, I shall greet all mommies an advance Happy Mother's Day!

Mommy Sally 


  1. Aldrin Montierro

    How do you remedy cough at home?
    This is what I do. Blend calamansi juice with a little honey, then add a pinch of cayenne pepper and swallow. The honey coats your throat, soothing irritated tissues, while the lemon reduces inflammation and delivers a dose of infection-fighting vitamin C. The red pepper increases circulation to the area, which hastens the healing process.

  2. Theresa Cruz-Escaros

    Gargling with salt solution, and drinking lots of water helps.

  3. I remedy cough at home by massage therapy (hilot + vicks vapo rub) and the normal medicines.

    Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay

  4. My Mom taught me to make a homemade honey cough syrup by mixing honey with coconut oil and lemon juice.

    Jeddahlyn Gonzales

  5. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

    I usually turn to over-the counter medicines to treat cough. In some instances we also go for the traditional hilot, and good ol' boiled oregano leaves or freshly squeezed calamansi.

  6. Sheryl An Mungcal

    drink hot calamansi juice,.

  7. Name Arminda Puno De Leon
    Email address
    How do you remedy cough at home? On the onset of cough, I usualyy advice my kids to have more liquid intake. I do make hilot and if things gets worst I buy cough medicines.

  8. We usually eat citrus fruits and drinks plenty of water. Also, my father taught us to heat the spoon and put some squeezed calamansi there then drink it. If things got worse, I usually seek a doctor.

    Cha Genterola

  9. maricris abarabarMay 9, 2014, 9:41:00 AM

    Maricris T. Abarabar
    I used oregano leaves, extract and add calamansi para mawala konti ung pait. very effective pag my cough 2 kids ko even samin ng hubby ko.

  10. Rozelle Reyes

    hindi po umiinom ng malamig na tubig tapos watch out sa time for another intake of medicine. My mom used to put vicks sa neck tapos po tataliaan ng panyo :)

  11. Kirsten Allysandra San Juan

    My grandma always know what to do. She will make me drink lukewarm water.

  12. FB Sena AGon

    I recommend ginger tea and of course lagundi leaf

  13. Mary Rose VillamoraMay 10, 2014, 1:00:00 PM

    Name: Mary Rose Villamora

    we try kalamansi or luya.

  14. Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    My mom will get lagundi leaces and boil it. Then, she let us drink the "katas" of the leaves. It is very effective and natural at the same time :)

  15. Lorie Nocasa

    home remedy that i adopted to my mom is to drink a warm calamansi juice..

  16. Emilie Udasco

    When I was young, I remember my grandmother used to give me a calamansi juice with honey. And until nOw, I used to make calamansi juice with honey when my daughter have cough... ;)

  17. hi my name is limuel ask ko lang kung pwede po ang lagundi sa "infant" 1 month pang na may "air trapping" or possible asthma po tanx sa responce