Friday, May 2, 2014

Movie Stars Cafe: Food and Entertainment in One

Are you a movie buff? If yes, who are your favorite movie characters or super heroes? Have you ever dreamt of seeing your movie idols come alive? If you answered yes to these questions, then I'm sure you would want to visit this place called Movie Stars Cafe: Movie Memorabilia Studio Cafe & Restaurant.

The main entrance is fully decorated with movie character statues.

Last Holy Thursday (Apr. 17), I invited my hubby for a dinner date and told him that we would surely enjoy this movie-themed dining place located at SM Mall of Asia By the Bay because while he loves watching movies, I love fancy restaurants with many photo ops.

First of all, let's check out the food they offer. You can either go for buffet or ala carte. Buffet Rate starts at P699 for weekdays and add P100 for weekends and holidays. While ala carte dish ranges from P345 to P960 except for their dessert which starts at P240. You can see the full details from their menu below. They named their dishes after some famous songs, movies or places. They also serve vegetable salads but I was not able to take a photo of that page. Oops.
Dino Buffet | Jumpstart (appetizers)

Burgers, Sandwiches, Pizza and Wraps

Long Life (pasta/noodles)

Main Event (seafood, chicken, steak)

Main Event (seafood, chicken, steak) - continuation

Just Dessert

Menu cover
After reviewing their menu, we got up to check what their buffet has to offer so that we could decide what to order.

Dino Buffet Set-up. There's a life-sized T-Rex head at the center of the buffet table.

I was hoping for a wider variation of the buffet but they only have these. I was particularly eyeing for some ice cream but I only saw these mini cupcakes. The pastas looked delectable but my hubby suggested that we go on ala carte which might have more value for money. Maybe I would just try their buffet next time around.

Take a closer look at the buffet dishes offered.

While waiting for our order, I toured around the place and here are some life-sized movie character statues and memorabilia that you can fancy on. It's like you are inside a movie-inspired museum with lots of exhibits and collector's items. I got so giddy about it! I didn't have the chance to pose beside the statues because my hubby was just seated waiting for the food. KJ! haha! He doesn't like taking photos! Oh well.

Stormtrooper and C-3PO
Ironman and Spiderman

Catwoman and Batman

Alien vs. Predator

Some movie posters and mementos.

Even their restrooms are movie-themed.

Aside from those physical displays, the highlight of this place is their live performance featuring movie characters in full costumes a.k.a. cosplay.

Here's their line up of program for that night.

Watch these sample videos to see their excellent, entertaining and fantastic performances, as if we went to watch a theatrical play. Mind you, they are indeed professional actors and actresses, plus they can be comedian too.

This is their front stage. | Barbie dance.

Birthday serenade by all cast after the show. Wow, this is really awesome!

It would be one of the most memorable day to whoever would celebrate their birthday here or any other special occasions. How cool would you get? Getting a chance to be with your favorite movie superheroes and posing with them in person. A total picture perfect!

Bar set-up. | Video man for their live feed to be projected on selected monitor screens.

The moment our orders arrived, the first thing we noticed was that their servings were big for just the two of us. Also take note that the photo as seen from their menu might not come out exactly the same which the staff assisting had gladly warned us beforehand. My hubby ordered steak as it is his all-time favorite while I ordered my comfort food which is anything pasta. We ordered salad for appetizer and a dessert to complete our dining experience. I liked how the salad tasted saucy and tangy. The two dishes were fine but sadly we didn't enjoy the banofee pie as it was too sweet.

Here are what we ordered. From L-R: Movie Stars Salad P465 | Rebecca P820 | Red Carpet P430 | American Pie P275

All their prices are inclusive already of 12% VAT but you still need to add 10% for service charge. We were able to take home some leftovers of the pasta. The rates were quite pricey but just think of it that you are paying for their all-out performance and realistic costumes! It's all worth it!

Here's me and my hubby with Black Spiderman!

To be honest, my hubby disliked noisy places while me I was kind of culture-shocked because I am not used to going to bars/disco with people dancing in front/all over of us. But after a while, it got me relaxed because they were dancing in a wholesome way and would sometimes make it hilarious (kengkoy) to cater to the whole family from kids to seniors. I personally advise that you stay a little longer at least for two hours so that you could watch at least four shows (showing every 30 minutes) in order to maximize your stay and experience.

With this, I invite you to go and check out Movie Stars Cafe because...

Good news! You could get 10% discount off your total bill by just using the code 

Just give the code to the waiter upon paying. And by the way, there's no regular waiters there. The costumed actors and actresses themselves are the servers. They are very friendly and ever-willing to take photos with them. 

I love their concept, so unique! It's like living in a fantasy world where you could interact with characters that you only see from the big screen. If you are looking for a place to dine and dance, this is the perfect place to be. It's definitely a food and entertainment in one place!
Before we left, we found this gigantic King Kong outside the entrance.

For more info about Movie Stars Cafe, visit them here:
Address: By The Bay, Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

Thank you Ms. Lani Lluch of Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Movie Stars Cafe for this great opportunity!

Mommy Sally


  1. we enjoyed this too. :) but we tried the buffet. ill surely visit next time and try the ala carte dishes.

    (PS can I grab the buffet prices photo? thanks!)

    1. Sure Mommy Nerisa! If there's a next time, I'll try naman the buffet. :)

  2. i saw a lot of bloggers are talking about this buffet place. And they have nice reviews about it, too.hope i could try this one day.

    1. Hi Mary Joy, yup most of them also got the invite from the Mommy Bloggers PH group. Try it, you'll surely have loads of fun dining there. :)